If a woman wants to lock you down for a LTR, that means she wants to use you in a thirsty selfish manner. She doesn't care about your feelings, she just wants to "grab you for herself" in a vile manner. She is treating you like a possession. Like a leach. So how can you like someone who wants to use you in a selfish manner? Especially since even modest girls these days had sex with at least 30 guys before you. How can there be any value in that relationship when she has been with half of world's male population before you? Love comes from exclusivity, with sharing something special. I just can't get over the fact that a girl had 60 guys before me and then finds me special so wants to get her claws all over me. It just doesn't work like that. You wasted your chance. If you want something special, you have to do your part. Would you buy used underwear? So why get with a used woman, unless it is for a temporary fling.