I've commented here several times about how I try to increase my invisibility and avoid attention. I'm tall, fit, thin, blonde/grey, so it's not easy, being older helps though.

During warm weather, I dress down, out-of-style haircut, cargo shorts (hated by most women I've learned), over-sized tees, old shoes. Low end smart phone, no watch, new but utilitarian car, no indications of wealth. I ride a rusting, dirty bicycle usually. I spend much of my time at the beach, so beach / swimwear is also a common outfit.

On several occasions in the past, I've engaged in conversations with women, who are surprised I live here and own a house here. I've since learned this is not a good idea. lol

Getting life in order after divorce, planning for my future, living life in the present, getting toys, travel, and doing what I want when I want (except working), I realized that I'm on a winning path.

The best way to win is to not advertise it. Appear to be losing, a loser. Let women (and simps, cucks, manginas, etc.) think you are a loser, be undesirable, uninteresting, invisible.

If unnecessary, unwanted, unintentional interactions occur, with the above in place it's very easy to disengage and shut it down quickly.

It's working well for me. No one knows who I am, what I am, what I have, what I could offer and provide. I'm winning while (apparently) losing. Be invisible, win and enjoy.

edit: as feminists shame, blame, insult, etc. mgtow, let them believe it. the more they do this, the more they confirm we're winning.