I've been looking into MGTOW for awhile now, and i take it as good advice, since most feminists seem to not like us, and i look at my father, married with two kids and he is drained, living on nothing basically. My mother is always right and im (along with my father) always wrong. Now don't get me wrong, i love my mother and she loves me, but the i'm always wrong moment comes along and then my confidence is screwed over once again. I asked my sister about it, and she said that women are always right, and so i brought it up again and made a few points such as: If a woman gains 100 pounds (Don't know why i made that argument.) and says she's as healthy as she was before, is she still as healthy- and i get cut off. "A person your size could be unhealthy." I'm 150 btw, or 250 and be healthy, although i think being that big isn't good for your bones. And then i also added that isn't it sexist that women are always right and men are always wrong? Just because we are biologically different doesn't give us the ability to never be wrong. (Don't get me wrong, i still want to marry and have my own children one day, but i wan't to find the woman that isn't going to break my heart or manipulate me and use everything against me, or use my children for child support, im 17 and need some help from the MGTOW community, thanks and appreciate any advice given.)