Don't date. If you aren't Chad, you won't win. She will never GAF about you, unless and only for so long as you have something to offer. She will never have honor. If you're a man you can handle your life and emotions yourself and also provide that for her. If you aren't a man, you ain't shit.

Women don't care about you. They most they'll offer you is their vagina.

Frankly, you don't really want their vagina. You want their vagina as a continual source of validation, you want their moans of passion as confirmation that you matter in the world. But neither of these things represent that. Women WILL treat you like a living piece of dookie if they don't think you're sexually valuable. But the only guys they find valuable are dumb pieces of meat.

Women are horrible people, who are aware of their own lies and weakness, and are annoyed by men who don't get them. You're supposed to know they're shitty worthless attention whores, and you're supposed to give them the attention, you're supposed to let yourself dance like a marionette in their bullshit game. If you don't, they'll burn you out, from out of any social circle they can. Relentlessly without compassion.

Fuck women. Stay away from their bullshit. There's only some small thing in your imagination that even remotely passes a hope and a dream of the happiness which comes from love. The only love you'll ever get is a cheating bitch that hasn't left you yet because she's terrified of being alone.