I can't imagine marrying a woman who is like 27, chubby, sagging skin, let herself go, with smelly pussy and body hair, still crooning about feminism and dressed in some pantsuit. it's so revolting even to think about. i mean perhaps i could see some desperate betabuck marry her for children, but i simply cannot imagine doing so and being enthusiastic about it, which i know many guys are. and on top of that, doing it when you MET HER in that state, having never tasted anything better. it's such a horrifying fate. i look through pictures of happy late-20s couples and want to vomit my insides out.

what really grates me about these expired women is their self-perceived value and stringent demands. despite being 28 y/o haggard cunts, they think they're princesses and DESERVE something ridiculous out of a modern romcom or fairy tale movie. and when the guys bend over, acquiesce, self-delude into thinking she IS worth -- now that REALLY gets me going.

guys who voluntarily go into slave-driving occupations, making hundreds of thousands per year, working arduously to pay off student loans, mortgages, school fees, fancy vacations and weddings and the whole lot. think of the abject misery that man has to go through and the tremendous resources - almost untold resources in a previous time - all expended on an ungrateful eyesore of a whiny cunt. that money could have fed an african village, instead it will feed the appetites of a single american whale, and this is perfectly normal and you're mentally ill if you ever question it.