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Women create toxic masculinity

July 23, 2018

I see quite a bit of talk about "Toxic Masculinity" here, and much of it is incorrect. (Much of the current useage by feminists is also incorrect, and much of the incorrect useage here is due to their inappropriate usage of the term. Toxic Masculinity is NOT a blanket term labeling all masculinity as "toxic", which is how it seems to be thought of here, and in general now. Originally "Toxic Masculinity" was created by the Mythopoetic Men's Movement. (Think Iron John, Fire in the Belly, and the exploration of Shamanism by Michael Harner.) The term is used to describe behaviors that are considered masculine and also harm the men participating in them. Thus, we could say that warfare is the ultimate expression of Toxic Masculinity. (Obviously there is more nuance to warfare than just this, but as an example of toxic masculinity it would certainly fit the bill.)

How then do WOMEN create this? Just look at all the shaming language Women use that is directed at men and deliberately designed to assault their manhood, create insecurity, and to "take men down a peg". All of this creates an incentive for the man being shamed to act in the stereo-typically "Toxically Masculine" manner. For instance the women handing out white feathers to Men they labeled as cowards.

This is also a huge factor in dating. Look at the revulsion and disgust with which women treat men who they deem inferior. They do not show them human compassion. In fact they frequently mock men for being nice, and polite. The entirety of the majority of TRP's advice can be summed up in "Don't be nice, Be a jerk." The only reason this would work or be effective is if Women's PREFERENCE was FOR Toxic Masculinity!

Even the phenomenon of women "dating Badboys" can be understood in these terms. These men are "Toxically Masculine" to the extreme; conducting illegal activities for their own personal benefit, highly egotistical, and frequently violent... Yet women are all over them!

By having a strong mating preference for men displaying traits that are "Toxically Masculine" women therefor implicitly condone Toxic Masculinity and continue to breed the genes for it into the next generation.

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