I got this reply on my earlier post http://i.imgur.com/yhqtkjl.jpg?1

This guy really has something against women. Someone like this really gives us a bad name. I'm mgtow because of the laws and how unfair they are.

Women can be just as smart as you and me. My only sibling is six years older then me and is not a stay at home housewife. She is a lawyer in Lexington, Kentucky the place where we grew up.

I understand that in every group there are gonna be bad apples who take it to a whole next level

I'm anti college campus/third wave feminism, I'm anti social justice warriors, and I'm anti political correctness. I'm not against women I've never have been. I went the mgtow path because of how unfair the laws are.

This post probably will get downvoted to shit, but that is ok I'm just stating my opinion and not everyone here will agree with it.

Have a good night everyone I'm gonna go to the local bar and forget about the horrors of the world