Women have been a problem for me since I was born, I will never forgot a day of elementary school when there was a big storm it was my duty as the big brother to bring my sister home, so after school I waited at our meet spot she wasnt there so i waited and watched all the parents walk there kids home while I know I couldn't return without my sister so I started shouting her name in hope's she would hear me, soon all the kids are gone and it's been about an hour and half and I'm still screaming her name in the rain, then my mom eventually showed up at told me that the thunder scared her and she ran home, no thank you nothing just you should've none it was alright to walk home alone. Now I've just got out of a relationship with a women who I thought was the one, and I feel broken, I dont feel whole I feel like a husk of man I've got nothing I havent even been sleeping on my own bed I'm using an air mattress till I get all my shit back from her, I know alot of you guys have been through alot more shit than I have I just have been having a hard time acclimating to single life I feel like I need to text her but I know that will be bad idea but at this point I just dont know what to do and was hoping to get some guidance.