Before checking out of the dating game I used to take women out on “dates” that were based around my hobbies. Rock climbing, shooting range, camping, etc. every single time they wanted to take selfies and post them to social media. At the time I thought little of it because it was simply a byproduct of getting laid. Inevitably I would lose interest and they would go off into the wind.

What I later realized was that these experiences were used by them to build their thot resume to lure in more guys. Their instagrams and facebooks are simply adverts for gash. Some even pretended that the dates I took them on were their hobbies.

I finally realized that every chick who seemed to have hobbies simply had them fucked into them by another guy. They adopted these interests to either impress the man of the moment or as bait to appeal to other men. Every interest is simply a marker of the Chads of Christmas past. None of them develop on their own. If she has cool interests, or good taste in something, you are simply liking her for the interests of men she used to fuck.

Its no different then saying she likes to travel. She wants YOU to pay. If she has already travelled, then she no doubt fucked her way through Europe while on her parents dime or by racking up massive debt.

When ever I hear a woman at work say “I used to do this or that” I stop and think to myself NO! you used to fuck a guy who went and did this and that. Its never their idea. Left to their own devices they could hardly be bothered to leave their widow pads except to stuff cock or pizza down their gullets.