I'm 19 years old and have listened to many episodes of the Tom Leykis show. For the last few years until a year ago i had a oneitis for a girl. Not only is she one of the prettiest girls i know but she is also very nice+cute and doesn't seem to be a total bitch. The problem with her is that she has a personality disorder. I never saw her ugly side and thus fell in love. When you're my age this is rather difficult to control. Tom Leykis gives advice to ignore the cunts your age when you are in your teens and twenties. The proffesor says that young men should get educated, get money and then fuck foung bitches when you're older. He also tells young men to not get trapped by the first 7/8/9 you get in a relashionship with. The reasoning behind this is simple. There will be better meat for you when you aquire resources and have seen more of the world.

I'm finishing school rn and there's a girl in my class wich looks almost exactly like my crush. That confirms the theory that it's bettet to wait.

Ofcourse i will not even try to fuck her/get in a relashionshit with her. Instead i will focus on my education.

Cheers, my fellow pathetic weasels.

Feel free to leave more advice.