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Cheering for the end of civilization?

November 21, 2017

Did anyone else watch Stefan's Molyneux video for "Men's Day"?

He makes the argument for Mgtow essentially, but knowing Stefan, he will never fully endorse Mgtow. At most, he'll sympathies with Mgtow.

He mentioned there are people who sit on the sidelines and "cheer for the end of civilization." I partly have my foot in that camp. It's not so much me cheering, but I just know gynocentrism will end civilization and there's not much we can do about it. I don't want to call it defeatism, more like realism.

What do you guys think? Are you "cheering for the end of civilization"? Do you still have hope?

As a TL:DR Stefan talks about, anti-male society, hypergamy, gynocentric laws, divorce rape and sexual market value.

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Hello all. First post on thid forum although I've been a lurker for a few weeks now. Been "consuming" MGTOW content on YouTube for about 3 years now.

About Steff... He's tough to understand to bo honest. I've been viewing his YouTube content longer than I have MGTOW content to be honest. From all this time and all the contentviewed I gather that he does sometimes pander to pussy. For example, go to his YouTube page and search his videos for "The Price Of Sex" - that's his call-in show, with him talking to a fairly young THOT.

As to your original question/topic... well I can't disagree that I am more than somewhat sympathetic. It sort of brings back memorries of reading Jack Donovan's "Way Of Men". An end of civilisation, although not even remotely likely would pretty much "wipe the slate clean" in terms of male to female relations IMHO.

But then again, what do I know? I'm just a crass Pollack :)

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I often hope for the end of civilization, but it's more due to the fact that when you look at human behavior, all you see is corruption, depravity, torture, slaughter, indifference, cruelty, pain, suffering, oppression, etc. One can rationalize and say that in this world there are bad people and there are good people, and bad people cause all this suffering and pain. However, thinking about it even more deeply, it becomes clear that there is an inherent evil in humanity, a natural desire to oppress. It is from this reasoning that I hope for the decline of civilization, but even though I hope for the end of civilization, I don't think it will happen. Whatever problems we may have, humans will adapt and muddle through it. The best thing you can do, in my opinion, is to not contribute to human evil by refusing to breed. The more humans there are in this world, the worse it becomes because humanity is a cancer.

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Fuck it, I am. Watching those who have everything lose everything is my idea of Heaven.

I have nothing. I worked and studied hard and I have shit, so I have nothing to lose nor anything to fight for. Let it all burn and I will laugh my ass off.

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I got nothing to lose so watching everyone lose their shit is my idea of heaven.

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Me too, I have nothing left to lose, my exes took it all, balls and all! But it does leave me a beautiful view of everyone suffering

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That guy is anti mgtow. Fuck him.

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Civilization isn't going to end. But it is possible the destruction of free speech in the US could be thwarted, ala Trump and his supporters. Gynocentrism wont end civilization either, just perhaps some countries will be FUBAR'ed by it.

Capitalism (regulated) is a lot like the Scientific Method, in that it is self correcting. One argument is someone like the NFL trying to be liberal and politically correct is part of what is destroying it. Therefore it will be supplanted by either a new methodology or a new league. Or perhaps new sport. Women and blacks can complain all they want, but people pay for what they pay for and even though the self correction can take 20 to 30 years, it does correct. It cannot be stopped. Except by countries like Russia who say "watch this channel or we will fucking shoot you". Or send you to a concentration camp. (My example is a little extreme but if you are a dissenter see how long you last in Russia).

I dont have hope personally, perhaps because I am not a real MGTOW. I go to therapy every week for the last 5 years, paying $4,800 per year. I tell them one of the things that makes me very sad is that I dont have a girlfriend. Their solution is to try to find a girlfriend. But I am not attractive so I cant find a girlfriend. This hurts me emotionally and makes it very difficult to get up and go to work every day. Because I cant get what I want I want to quit life. I think I am not supposed to feel that way. I also know there is a huge conflict in recognizing how horrible women are, and then wanting one.

I do have hope though, as I mentioned above that civ will not die, but new problems will arise later. This whole liberal feminist .. say exactly what I tell you to say .. issue in society was a very tough and dangerous one though.

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I don't think it's going to end in a blazing glory. The problem with creeping socialism is the ever expanding debt bubble we have inherited. Even Trump, as much as I would have voted for him if I lived in the USA, I don't think he can solve the debt bubble. He sided with the democrats on the continued lift of the debt ceiling while he tries to sort the financial crisis in DC(at least that's what I think he's doing). I think he's being pragmatic about the situation. Enforcing a debt ceiling now will cause many institutions that rely on government funding to collapse. The biggest crisis we will face is when no one will lend USA money because USA can't service their debt any longer. This will lead to several things when it happens, and it's not gonna look pretty (take Greece as an example).

How does the debt bubble works it's way into the Mgtow community? Well, it's simple. The debt is a result of overspending by the government. The same government that gained it's power through the emancipation of women's right to vote. Women vote for more spending. Women out vote men. It's not a far stretch to say Women are the destroyers of western civilization. And our destruction will come in the form of a debt tsunami. Not a blazing glory, guns a blazing, kinda destruction, but more of a hyper inflation and no more money to be borrow kind of destruction.

As for your personal story, I can sympathize greatly with your sorrow. You touch on a beautiful point near the end "I also know there is a huge conflict in recognizing how horrible women are, and then wanting one.". For older mgtow who had their fill of women validation, they might not understand what it's like to be a younger Mgtow. Us younger men that are taking the redpill but at the same time did not experience intimacy with women have a hard time fighting their biological urges. I'm probably categories as a TFL, I don't think I'm ugly and I did have women approach me before, but I was in the very nice guy camp. I would turn down some women because at the time, I didn't see myself as worthy of their affection (i had a self-depreciation view of myself back then). By the time I ended my university education, I started a small business with the help of my parents. It's been keeping me very busy for the last 4 years, I hadn't had time to date or meet anyone during that time (as I was trying to improve my SMV to compete for girls). But during those 4 years, I learned about Mgtow and had since decided it's not worth my time to chase skirts. I ended up being a virgin with no dating experience and thus a TFL in most ppl books. I'm okay with that, but there are times when I get depressed about my conflicts of "recognizing how horrible women are, and then wanting one.".

As for your therapist giving you advice to seek validation through females is a very poor advice IMO. I think your situation requires you to learn to love yourself first and foremost. I don't know what drives you, but for my younger years in life, I found validation from helping other people at the sacrifice of my own happiness and well being, hence the nice guy camp. I came to the conclusion through my Mgtow discovery/running my own business that our disposition to be altruistic will always make us losers. People are heartless out there and will take whatever they can from you. It's a sad fact, and when you run the scenario in your head, the only way to protect yourself from self serving people, is to become self-serving yourself. The way I justify my transition from nice guy to selfish guy is that whatever I do, I don't take from anyone else. That's my rule in life, be as selfish as you can while not hurting anyone else in the process. The transition wasn't smooth, it's hard to square your kind nature with the logical action to be selfish. I'm not sure if you also feel this way but if you're thinking that being nice is your best strategy to reproductive success, I would say it's a fool's dream.

I would say, be selfish. As selfish as you can be for your own happiness. Just don't hurt others in this endeavor. That would be my advice. I wish you well.

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Depends on what you call civilization. Only retarded people don't want an organized system where we are stronger as a civilization than weaker as individuals.

Now, this thing is really becoming out of control, you can't rely on civilization for much longer because individuals are just demanding and taking advantage of it, twisting every concept that makes a civilization great and supports it.

Call it, cheer for the end of BS. I can cheer for that, despite civilizations ending is a horrible thing. But some sacrifices have to be made to purge the system, and they are already around the corner.

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Meh. Meteor is OK with me.

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Oh ffvii Thats a perfect fit

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I can understanding being prepared for things to go badly, but not wanting them to do so.

Ok, maybe if the rule of law fails it will be easier to find a wife, but that would be about the only benefit.

I think a lot of guys just want to be able to say "I told you so." While that might be emotionally appealing, it isn't really rational. Yeah, the current culture around marriage/etc is lousy, but at least we have air conditioning, running water, antibiotics, and people aren't running around raiding houses for food. If society completely collapses maybe we won't be dealing with shit tests from women, but we instead will be having to do rotating guard shifts on our walled compounds to keep the raiders at bay. To the extent that this becomes collectivized to any large degree you'll probably see all those marriage laws quickly return, because that is what people are used to today.

So, if you want to be a prepper or whatever go ahead. Just keep in mind that prepping just increases your chances of survival when SHTF vs not prepping. You'll probably live a MUCH longer and healthier life if SHTF never happens.

And if you just want to go through the experience of SHTF for personal enrichment I suggest going camping... :)

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At first I was vindictive towards women. Then I was depressed about the situation. Now I'm accepting the inevitable.

I haven't started to prep yet, but when I'm more financially stable, I'll start the prepping!

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This era will end not too long from now. The era of the machines will begin, and I just want to be in a position where the machines don't fuck me over too badly.

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I don't think this is completely true, I think we will become the machines. First thing I would do and I believe "they" will do when we start creating AI is merge with it, not set it free and try to contend with it, but become it.

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I don't think the civilization will end, but will change (it had changed already). I do think is the end of the family as a whole.

feminism and mgtow are movement that destroy the family, but i'm ok with it...

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