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13 Tips For Developing A Solid Frame

December 19, 2018
  • People are far too worried about themselves to truly give a fuck about you. When you walk away, they're not thinking about you anymore.

  • People aren't out to get you, they're for themselves. Far more often than not this is the case and using this to see what they want is a way to still get what you want.

  • It's easier to ask for forgiveness that permission. Do what you want when you want and deal with the repercussions afterwards.

  • Life is what happens while your waiting for life to happen. Enjoy every minute of it.

  • Putting expectations on people is a exercise in disappointment. They'll do what they're gonna do and expecting them to do what you would is useless. Instead, use their actions in a givin situation to determine how much you allow them into your life

  • Everything that happens to you is your fault. Embrace this and use it advantageously. The only way to truly grow is to use your failures as lessons so you can succeed next time

  • Powertalking is one of the most underrated skills. When you talk to someone about a topic of mutual interest and only after they walk away do you realize "Fuck I shouldn't have said that", they won.

  • Life is as much about perception, as it is about reality. How you choose to see the world becomes your reality.

  • It takes effort to be happy/sad/angry. Don't ever forget this. When you're stressed out, understand that you're doing it to yourself

  • Getting drawn into an argument is almost always a waste of time. At best you stroke your ego. At worst you look like a total fool.

  • People love telling other people what they should do/think. It's a coping mechanism for their insecurity. Ignore that shit and also don't do it.

  • It's fine to admit when your wrong, but never apologize for it. Nothing wrong with being wrong, but feeling the need to say you're sorry is for pussies.

  • If you need to tell people how awesome you are, you aren't very awesome. Bragging is for the weak.

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