A woman's attraction in an LTR is based on.....

February 26, 2015


It's not your kindness. Not your money. Not how well you change your kids diaper. Her attraction is 100percent correlated to her respect for you as a man.

Last night I wrote about lifting. Fuck yea it's important. Lots of reasons why but the most important....You showing yourself love.

We talk about dread. It's primary utility is to fool your woman's SMV radar. If other women want you...You must be a man to respect.

Holding rock solid frame. How can a woman whose emotions throw even HER for violent loops trust and respect a man who "gets upset" that she is cranky. May as well tatoo "I am a supplication homo" on your forehead.

If you are new here. Read our stories. Lift weights and transform yourself. Read these books.

Know that the type of frame that a woman will absolutely sumbit to takes months. Maybe a year. More.

You have been living a lie. Your ego is reflexively trying to protect you from the awful truth that the red pill brings.

I see men write " I swallowed the pill on Tuesday and on Friday I couldn't get her to fuck me...why? Should I take her to dinner and buy her shoes?"

Take a month and JUST lurk. And read. If you are doing it right then you will wake up with sudden realization why your prom date fucked your best friend. You will realize that girl that invited you over to watch a movie on her vcr wanted to fuck. You just didn't take her because you thought jerks do that.

Women want to seek a strong man's approval. Make her earn it. Don't give your validation and time to her until she works for it with her girl game. Girl game is het being sweet and submissive. Aiming to please you. The new guys here are afraid to pull back because she will "get angry".

Hear me now. If you want your girl to be crazy about you, then you cannot be afraid to make her angry. Women want a real man so-so bad. This is how you begin

Rant over

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