About shared DNA and "altruism"

July 20, 2016

During the fallout of that recent "Disowned my daughter post" I posted something inspired by it in the Rational Male comments:

"Do you think there should be an exception for your kids? Or also for your parents? What about brothers? Does the exception apply only if they are your identical twin? My point is basically that someone carrying some part of your DNA does not mean you should stop being your own Mental Point of Origin.

Regardless of the % of your DNA they carry being close to or over 50%…"

Then we got into a tangent about mothers having unconditional love (which I don't believe), discussed grandmothers and someone linked this...

Some evidence grandmothers invest more in grandchildren carrying more of their genes. So much unconditional love!


Also, on cousins: https://hbdchick.wordpress.com/2011/03/09/all-cousins-are-not-created-equal/

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