Adding Game to my RP knowledge-- Ross Jeffries is the master

July 6, 2015

Posted this at TRP but game is deeply valuable in a marriage a well.

TLDR- The sidebar will get you unplugged and show you the truth. Game will help you achieve all your goals.

So I have been lurking, lifting, reading & posting for over a year now. In that time I have turned around a bad marriage and "explored" my anger stage with several other women. Kicking ass at work and am in better shape than most 25 years olds (I'm 40).

Recently I started watching videos on youtube about Game. Even the beta version of me did ok with women so Game was something I didn't really focus on. I just did not see the value in putting the time in to this.

Big fucking mistake! I spent hours watching NLP expert Ross Jeffries and saw my interactions with EVERYONE materially improve. I'll do a quick summary of some of the important lessons I took from him:

Frame is key. We know this from TRP. But Ross takes it a bit further. When speaking to women your attitude must illustrate that being with you is the best possible choice a woman can make. You need to imagine yourself 40 feet tall and smooth, sexy, and powerful. This is an image you need to play in your brain like a movie.

Rehearsal is essential-- You should vividly rehearse how you want to feel, look, speak, act,move, stand... then the new way will be second nature. Ten mins a day is plenty.

Once you have that powerful,confident self image mastered then you ready to approach. The interaction has no real significance because its all about learning.

Still afraid to hit on that Hardbody 9 on the subway?

"lets go see what happens" is the right outcome independent attitude. Make it about the below facts

1 You want to meet the woman

2 You dont know what will happen

3 You dont like that you dont know what will happen


You will get what you want or enjoy learning what you need to get what you want.

The worst that will happen is that nothing will happen. That's it.

Summary- Game is more valuable than I thought. I started with RJ and it works very well. Knowing you can introduce self to any woman anytime you want will keep that abundance mentality going strong.

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