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ALWAYS follow a compliment with a compliment

August 1, 2017

This is a habit that you all need to practice. Whenever a woman gives you a compliment, you must ALWAYS and immediately follow that compliment with another compliment. This is something you must do whether you are approaching a woman, with your SO, with a plate or on a date. It needs to be reflexive, natural and organic in it's delivery. It should be sincere and you must fully believe the compliment. If you deliver a compliment in a way that lacks confidence then she will smell your contrived and beta nature and she will rightfully reject you as a weak and unworthy man. I have been practising this for many years and I never fail. I never fail because my belief is strong, I have absolutely no doubt that what I am saying is the truth.

So, let's give some examples here. You are out on a date with a HB9. She says:

  • "I really like that shirt" You say:
  • "Any shirt looks great on me"

You are with a plate, you have just made a clever observation about the netflix show you are watching. She says:

  • "Wow you are so smart" You say:
  • "I know, you are really lucky to be hanging out with me"

You are with your LTR, she is eating and she says:

  • "That steak was perfectly cooked" You say:
  • "Yes I am an amazing cook"

You are at home enjoying a glass of wine with your wife (idiot, you never should have married but here you are). Your wife says:

  • "I am so lucky to be married to you" You say:
  • "Yes you are, you have exceptional taste in men" Or (for a bit of dread)
  • "Any woman on the planet would be lucky to be married to me"

So to summarise, ALWAYS follow any compliment you receive with another compliment - to yourself! You have to deliver it immediately, with confidence and sincerity. Some may call this boasting, I say that it is not cocky if you can back it up. If you do not believe it then there is no way that she is going to believe it. If you delay or stutter she is going to smell you out as the spineless beta that you truly are. This is not a move that beginners should even contemplate. It is an advanced move for competent, alpha leaning men.

The best way to deliver this is when a woman spontaneously compliments you, but there is another really fun way to apply this. If you are into daygame, this is a great opener. Walk up to a woman, do the standard day game stop, then say "Do you think it is too early in the day for a compliment?". She will either shut you down or say "Sure", if she is open to you then you say "well come one then, give me one". It pretty much always gets a laugh and ideally she really does give you a compliment. If she does, double down on the laughs (and her perception of you) by giving yourself another compliment before you advance the conversation.

Implement and enjoy. Beware of the caveat though, if you are leaning beta, then this is going to blow up in your face and you are going to get burned.

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