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July 10, 2015

Why hello there. How are you doing today? Good? Well great. Now, let's talk. Man to soon-to-be-man.

First off, you found this place. Good work. Welcome down the rabbit hole. There are men who take their last breath never learning the knowledge you could potentially gain here. And sadly most of them needed it. You are now among the few indoctrinated men who get to decide between the blue pill and the red pill.

Should you accept the challenge and swallow that red pill, what you learn will change your life. With a lot of time and self-reflection all the changes you work towards will give you peace. But first you will get angry. Embrace it. The anger will be your fuel. Store it up. Unleash it at the gym. Watch your body become a glorious, physical manifestation of your anger.

Outside this here manly Garden of Eden, you've been taught to talk with your wife about your feelings. What you want. What you NEED, damnit. These talks often centered around sex. Have you had this talk? Did the talk do any good? Nope, it didn't. You've been duped. You were never quite sure why these talks didn't work, but you had this feeling that something wasn't right. Well, here is what was not right...

You can't negotiate desire.

Say it again...

You can't negotiate desire.

Now hang on. You're about to face some tough love and some shocking language. Don't like that sort of thing? Leave now. Never come back. We aren't here to convince you of anything. But know we're here to help...somewhat...

Does your wife boss you around like you're a child? Does she treat you like a bumbling idiot who might shrivel up and die if she left for a few days? Sound eerily familiar?

This means you are her child.

And your wife doesn't want her child to fuck her. That's disgusting. And by the transitive property of fucking, you're disgusting. It's time to fix that. You fixing this problem does not involve your wife and definitely does not involve further conversations about your feelings with your wife.

Oh don't worry, I hear you. "But I go to work...I bring home money and put a roof over her and my kids' heads!" Doesn't matter. There are penniless but cocky, confident men out there who can slay gorgeous, female Heads of State. Any...time...they...want. Your wife's nether regions don't care about your paycheck. If your income and what you buy her alone guaranteed sex, then what you married is a whore. Don't treat your wife like a whore. That's also disgusting.

If your wife fell off a cliff tomorrow (this is not a suggestion), could you go out and get a date with an attractive woman easily? Do you physically look like a man a random woman would want to fuck? No? You're going to fix that.

Come on over here. Take my hand and let's go for a walk of knowledge. I’m going to hand-hold you through every step of learning the Red Pill.

Sucker. Let go of my hand. Fuck that. Jesus Christ, you're worse off than I thought.

Guess what? No one cares about you. No one. Nada. Zero. Zip. Not even your wife…at least not the way you thought she did. To all of us here on this forum you are a username with a post history. You are a set of 1’s and 0’s on this vast Internet. You could die tomorrow and we'll never know.

It's time for you to care about you. And by caring about yourself, others will want to be in your presence. They will want to bask in your attention.

Your job right now is to shut up. Stop engaging all your problems and feelings head on with your wife. Assume you know nothing. Because you know nothing. Don't read a few posts on here and go all Red Pill Rambo trying to shoot down your wife's bad behavior like a seasoned professional. You will fuck shit up. Your wife is an innately trained Red Pill Ninja that has been skillfully subduing your pathetic ass without you even knowing it. So until you've immersed yourself in this knowledge and have truly internalized these concepts, don't go launching a Red Pill rocket at your marriage. It will blow up in your face.

Now, look to the right of this webpage. Do you see that Sidebar with a list of information? Do you see the Course Prerequisites? Read all of that. Seriously, read it. As you read it and sometimes get confused or stuck, THEN come here and post well thought out questions. If you are doing the work and you genuinely need help, the guys here will write novels trying to explains things to you. It will be the closest thing to caring you will find. But if you come here looking for easy answers and have not started the work, you're not worth anyone's effort. Oh and especially not your wife's...

So get reading. Get ready to be a better man. Everyone in your life is waiting for you to get this journey under way. They're rooting for you even if they don't know it. And you will be rightly rewarded for your hard work.

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