BP/RP thought patterns

February 17, 2015

I found this great post with examples of how different thoughts patterns change as part of the beta-alpha transition. I decided to openly adapt and paraphrase many of them to MRP to start a discussion. I encourage you to add your own!

BP: Wife doesn't want to have sex. I act all butt hurt so she fears my resentment. That will make her want to have sex!

RP: Wife doesn't want to have sex. I don’t have time to waste on her, so I’ll focus on improving SMV to have more options in case she doesn’t change her mind.

BP: Wife bosses me around as if I was a child. She won’t accept me as the leader!

RP: I have been acting like a child, so she naturally falls into what works. I must man up to demonstrate to myself that I’m strong. Otherwise, why would she trusts me as a leader?

BP: Wife is acting pissed off, I better ask her what is wrong and be nice so that she isn't mad anymore.

RP: Wife is acting pissed off, I will focus on productive stuff for me until she calms down.

BP: Wife is giving me the starfish. I better bitch at her about is, as that will make her more sexual.

RP: Wife is giving me the starfish. I better start increasing dominance in the bedroom

BP: Wife is having an emotional tantrum. Maybe if I give her what she demands she will calm down.

RP: Wife is having an emotional tantrum. I’ll stay like the mature adult and with actions indicate that this method of communication won’t get her what she wants. I negotiate only with mature adults.

BP: Wife isn't a red pill woman. What books can I give her so she learns about TRP?

RP: I am not a red pill man. I'll start a Man Action Plan. With actions, I introduce TRP changes into my life.

BP: Wife needs to improve her SMV. I don't because I have high SMV already.

RP: Men always work to increase their SMV. If this doesn't motivate her to work on hers, I have a high SMV which makes Next easier.

BP: Wife hamsters! I'll talk to her so she stops!

RP: Wife hamsters! I ignore!

BP: Wife doesn't trust my decision! What can I do so she trusts my decision?

RP: Wife doesn't trust my decision. Who cares? I trust my decision.

BP: I show wife that I love her through buying gifts, telling her I love you, and being nice. She should notice and give me more sex!

RP: I demonstrate through my behavior that I’m a good husband because I want to be, not because I want something from her. I give out of my own abundance and not out of covert contracts. I’m not needy. This demonstrates she needs me more than I need her, and inspires her to be a better woman to me.

BP: Wife is shit testing me. I don’t know which of her options is the right answer! Why won’t she stop the shit tests? They are so upsetting!

RP: Wife is shit testing me. Shit tests are irrelevant to my vision, so I'll dismiss it quickly while having some fun using Agree and Amplify.

BP: Wife has unacceptable behavior. I will talk to her with my unbeatable logic that will convince her hamster!

RP: Wife has unacceptable behavior. I should be more firm with behavioral correction. I’ll come up with concrete actions to pair carrot with good behavior and be consistent and patient, as I would to train a dog.

BP: I had a bad day at work. I better bitch about it to my wife so she can console me like a nice mother.

RP: I had a bad day at work. I’ll take actions to feel better myself so I don’t dump my emotions on her.

BP: I'm scared of rocking the boat. I'll go back to the same old stuff and see is that makes me happy.

RP: I'm scared of rocking the boat. Change is scary. But for me to be happy, I have to change things.

BP: Wife shit tests all the time. I'm going to becoming pissy in my resentment so she stops them.

RP: Wife shit tests all the time. AWALT. Shit tests are gifts women give us so they understand that we are strong. I am a rock.

BP: Wife says I’m a [negative judgment]. I don’t want anyone to think I’m a [negative judgment]. I’ll argue with her to prove her I’m not a [negative judgment].

RP: Wife says I’m a [negative judgment]. I know I’m not, and I know she is just trying to get to me. I end the conversation and go do something nice for myself because it is more productive.

BP: Wife demands unreasonable thing. I’ll angrily explain to her why it is unreasonable and she will internalize it and respect me. If that fails, I’ll act more angry to be more convincing with my explanation.

RP: Wife demands unreasonable thing. I say a simple No or ignore, because there is no need to explain.

BP: Wife didn’t apologize to me. I’ll be resentful because she owes me an apology for her bad behavior.

RP: Wife didn’t apologize to me. She not taking ownership of her actions means that I can’t count on her as much as before. I must withdraw responsibilities from her and have stronger boundaries.

BP: Wife doesn’t initiate sex or flirt with me! I must talk to her.

RP: Wife doesn’t initiate sex or flirt with me! I must act more masculine so the opposing polarity makes her more feminine.

BP: Wife treats me badly. I must convince her she owes me to act better than that.

RP: Wife treats me badly. My life is too valuable. If she doesn’t see it, she misses out on being part of it.

BP: Wife says she wants X. I’ll give her X so she likes me.

RP: Wife says she wants X. But her actions say likes Y. I’ll give her Y as a price for good behavior.

BP: I let her make all the decisions. That way everything is as she wants, and she will be happy, and in turn, she will give me what I want.

RP: I make decisions about everything that is important to me. I understand what I control to be happy. She won't like all my decisions, and I accept that. But my happiness doesn't depend on her approval.

BP: Wife doesn't respect me! I'll tell her why she has to respect me!

RP: Wife doesn't respect me. I'll demonstrate with actions how I remove disrespectful behaviors from my life. Because I respect my boundaries enough to defend them consistently, she starts respecting me as well.

BP: Wife acts in a chaotic way. I’ll pay more attention to her chaos to see if I figure out how to react to stop it!

RP: Wife acts in a chaotic way. I am a rock and will focus more on me and my vision.

BP: Wife doesn't know what she wants. I must figure what she wants so she is happy!

RP: Wife doesn't know what she wants. Therefore, it can't be very important. I don't waste time.

BP: Wife wants me to talk more about my emotions. I’ll do what she says, so she understands my emotions.

RP: Wife wants me to talk more about my emotions. I express myself with concrete actions so she senses my strength.

BP: I listen to what Wife says.

RP: I listen to how wife acts.

BP: Wife has been in charge of my ship. I'll have a victim puke about it so she understands that she must give me the Captain's hat right now!.

RP: Wife has been in charge of my ship because I was the drunk Captain. I need to sober up and be responsible for my shit because that is what leaders do.

BP: Wife must change so I’m happy.

RP: I must change so I’m happy.

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