Building an Interesting Life (Example - Podcast)

May 20, 2017

One of my favorite "emergent" concepts from RP and MRP (meaning that, it wasn't what I came here looking for - i.e., a blog post titled "3 Weird Tricks To Get Resolutions316's Wife To Have Sex With Him") is the idea of building an interesting life.

Much of what seems to underlie my (and many others, I assume) marriage troubles is just plain boredom. On the couch, watching the same shows, eating at the same restaurants, changing's easy to forget that we used to have real lives. Hobbies, interests, dreams, passions - our MISSION - all incredibly fulfilling, as well as highly attractive.

Part of the reason starting up hobbies, hanging out with friends, finding your mission, etc, are on the MRP timeline is that they make us more interesting, re-connecting us with the sheer pleasure of a life well-lived.

That, and they get me out of the house so I stop suffocating my wife to death.

Anyway, I recently heard a great example of this principle - in an interview with Tynan on the Noah Kagan Podcast.

I was not familiar with Tynan at all, but some of you may recognize him as Herbal from the book The Game.

Tynan is an all around interesting guy: dropped out of college to pursue full time online gambling, studied pick up with some of the early greats, travels often, owns his own island (!), owns a home in Budapest, lives in an RV, makes his full time living off of writing, etc.

All this led me to think that he was quite well-off, but as it turns out, he's living on roughly 60k a year.

How the hell did he buy his own island, then?

Found a deal online and split it with friends.

What about the home in Budapest?

Same deal.

Why the RV?

He just thought it was cool.

What's his pick up style?

He hates going out and partying, and filters heavily for similar traits in the girls he pursues.

This conversation made me think more deeply about what "interesting" really means - and caused me to rethink some of my goals.

Where are YOU aiming too low - because you think your real desire just isn't possible, or realistic? Where are you setting goals simply because you feel like you should be setting goals in those areas?

Anyway, an interesting podcast that I hope others get some value from.

Cheers, everyone.

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