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Container words, and you

April 30, 2019

A blurb to you guys here. This ones a bit more existential, but I do find it important. The kind of guy who comes here out of pure desperation, then lashes out to the guys helping because they aren't respecting him enough when they do... take heed.

Everythinig we discuss is a little vague, and unfortunately, it's fungable too.

  • Stoic means 'I let my wife berate me without crying'
  • Alpha means 'I am mean to that bitch because I can!'
  • Beta means 'co dependant pushover'

Whether you know you do it or not, everyone builds their narratives, everyone builds their mental models. You picture yourself as an archetype, and act in accordance with that archetype. This is frame, essentially, and the difference between a good frame and a bad frame is important to understand. That and once you start to see how middle aged chicks argue and berate a guy, it's good to know how and why they are doing what they do.

I normally add something actionable to the end of anything I write, this is the one exception I've ever done.


I’ve often suggested a healthy level of narcissism is required by men, in fact I’ve often suggested it’s one of the hallmarks of the concept of masculinity itself. Healthy is a vague term that we can take to mean anything we want it to, so in the theme of this post I will look to make it a little more objectively.

Unhealthy narcissism involves a few characteristics. Create an archetype, persona, or life script, which I condense into the term deep narrative; emulate the characteristics of your surface level understanding of this deep narrative and respond with rage towards any person who does not recognize your deep narrative as their deep narrative. I use the term rage purposefully, anger is a social reaction to a perceived injustice. If I break my arm from an accident it hurts, if you break my arm on purpose it’s anger. Rage doesn’t have a grievance, it’s an ego defensive measure to remove threats to ones ego investment. Whether it’s accidental or purposeful doesn’t matter. Only the deep narratives integrity matters.

And it’s built on a foundation of sand.

So when I say a healthy level of narcissism, I define it as a level of narcissism that does not require rage in order to sustain itself. The reason I make this specific is because of the concept I am introducing here

Container Words

I use an analogy to describe this. A container word is a box, a box with a label on it. You take this box with a label on it, and fill it with emotions, feelings, and ego. You seal the box and throw it at someone else. they have their own box, and it’s filled with their own emotions, their own feeling, and their own ego. Since your box differs from theirs, and everyone box benefits themselves, they use their box as a cudgel against your box. You must adopt the contents of their box or else suffer narcissistic rage.

The labels are pretty common: Alpha Male, Beta Male, a Real Man, a Man of Integrity, Playboy/Pleighboi, HighIQ, Real G; you can easily think of many more once you know what to look for. Women and men both use container words to bully you into doing something for them.

  • You’re not a Real Man if you don’t do the dishes

  • Only highIQ men understand this

  • I would never put up with that, I only sleep with men who have Integrity!

  • Real G’s only fuck 9’s and 10’s

I’ve spent way too much time arguing with middle aged soccer moms online during my learning phase of The Red Pill, and it’s something prevalent that isn’t discussed. Luckily once a man gets it, they learn to develop frame. Frame encompasses the final strategy in this essay.

more here

When you get back, keep in mind the following bullet points.

  1. Masculine/rp models of the world versus Femenine/bp ones
  2. How container words can be very manipulative if you're not aware of them (similar to open and closed communication)
  3. Better understand and apply the concept of frame to build a more successful you.
  4. Define your terms, otherwise you'll bullshit yourself about your sucesses and failures

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