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Deload, proper form.

December 17, 2016


Short & sweet post about life. And, for all you noobs out there, if you don't understand abbreviations, you're doing it wrong.


I did some squats, I did some deadlifts. After some time I realised that I am not satisfied with my results. I started looking into the matter. Accidentally I saw some group of PTs-in-training at the gym and I saw how they did deadlifts. I realised, that the way I did the exercise was not proper. Then I realised, that to do the exercise in a proper form, I need to deload. I was sad in the beginning. No more bragging about 1.5xBM RMs. But whatever. Let's do it properly because people say it is good for me.

Few weeks, then boom, results.

I remember reading once that GayLubeOil's post criticising some of that "Jersey Shore" show actors or something like that, comparing their posture to Arnold's and explaining, which exercises did they omit.

Proper form. That manly greek god phisique. Here I come.

Then I realised.

Some time ago I abused alcohol. That was not a proper form to live life. So I had to deload. At first, I was sad and worried about what will people think. Then boom, better life. Proper form.

Some time ago I was married. But that marriage was built on some false premises and some mythology (which is called "blue pill" by a few). This was not a proper form to build a relationship between a man and a woman. So I had to deload. At first, I felt shattered with all the money and time I've spent through 9 yrs of my failed marriage. Then boom, better life. Proper form.

Deload. Proper form.

Where do you need to deload in order to improve?

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