Dial back your attention to increase her desire

April 7, 2015

Think of your attention and time as flexible. It's on a dial.

Don't like the way your wife speaks to you? She has been a starfish during sex (if you have any?)

Turn back your dials. Less of your time. Less of your attention....when she responds in ways you like...turn back on the spiggot. She earned it.

Last night I was dealing with a wife consumed by her phone. Not sure about sex "it's been a long day".

No problem...I abruptly went outside for a walk and made some calls. Even made plans to be away next Thursday night. When i came home I brushed aside questions on where I went and who I called. Then I went to bed and "was too tired" to hang out and drink wine and watch tv and listen to her stories.

This morning was greeted with wet kisses and sex.

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