Dont argue with wife when she is complaining

March 19, 2015

One of the "truths" that instantly turned my marriage around was changing my reaction to her incessant complaining.

Last night is a good example of what I am talking about. One kid pee d the bed at 130am...took me an hour to change his Pjs and sheets and fall back asleep. Then at 330 another kid cried with earache. Had to get that kid medicine and luckily I fell back asleep by four.

Then this morning wife complains she didnt sleep well. Is tired etc....

The old bluepill me woulda lost it. I took care of both kids all night and you were sleeping and now telling me YOU are tired????

Today I just laughed. "You sure looked peaceful when I dealt with em both last night" maybe we should get you a hotel tonight so you can sleep ok princess?"

No matter what. Do not let her upset you. Be unaffected emotionally. Dont do shit for her that she should do for herself but when she complains just listen and offer empathy at best. Amused mastery works too

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