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Don’t eat paint

January 14, 2020

Fred learns about cows and milk

There was a man named Fred who heard about a cows. His friend Henry told him they contain a delicious white liquid called milk. Henry told fred about how to milk a cow and get this delicious and natural drink. He also described what a cow looks like to the t.

Naturally, Fred was intrigued by this new thing he heard about, cows, and he wanted to go out and taste this delicious drink called milk. So, Fred searched statewide for a cow, everywhere, both high and low. He had a hard time finding one.

Fred finds a cow and milk

One day, just as Fred was completely discouraged, he looked up and he saw what his friend described. He knew it was a cow because it fit the description perfectly. But, not only that ... as a bonus, as Fred came close to the cow, he saw a bucket with white liquid, and he knew that someone had already milked the cow, and finally here was some delicious milk before his very eyes.

Fred was so excited, he immediately grabbed the bucket and began chugging the milk. This didn’t taste like he thought. As a matter of fact, it tasted pretty horrible. Then, he began having severe stomach pains

RIP Fred

Fred died shortly after sting the milk. Had Fred’s friend led him astray?

What happened

What he thought was a cow was a statue of a cow. The cow was painted that day with white paint, so the was a bucket of leftover paint sitting next to the cow. He drank the paint thinking it was milk and died.

The MRP lesson

Learning the MRP way of life takes time and most importantly, experience. One of the most common mistakes is guys coming on MRP, reading a few posts/comments, and then thinking they have all the answers. This is what we call kids with dynamite.. They don’t have enough knowledge to make positive lasting changes in their life, but they have just enough knowledge to blow shit up.

They are eating paint

Lots of guys want a quick fix, and easy answer, a magical way to get frame, become great at agree and augment... etc

But, they usually lack patience. The solution lies in making small, barley noticeable changes. Many go Rambo instead. We keep saying over and over to read the sidebar, but experience and practice must occur alongside the reading. But, the experience should be from small changes... test the waters a little... start slow... which leads me to....

Lift, sidebar, STFU

Yes, start simple. Quit engaging in meaningless arguments with your wife... which, is pretty much any argument. Learn to keep it brief and then STFU. It will be u comfortable at first. Becoming a man is an uncomfortable process that requires you to take different thoughts and actions.

Don’t automatically assume you understand and can apply a concept just because you read about it... unless you enjoy drinking paint. If you try A&A too early, you will probably fail miserably. When you do start trying it, start with very simple slam dunk A&A’s. If you feel uncomfortable before you’re about to talk, that means faggotry is about to come out of your mouth, so STFU

Bottom line is this thing takes time and lots of effort. Expect it to take at least one month for every year you were a married beta faggot... and that’s if you are reading the entire sidebar, not just the same 3 or 4 over and over, you’re lifting, and you are practicing STFU.

If you are newer, Don’t be a kid with dynamite. Don’t eat the paint. Do yourself a favor and build in lots of learning time so you can learn from experience before you blow shit up or eat the paint.

  • Reading without action is almost meaningless...

  • Action without reading is most likely to result in just more blue pill objectives...

  • Too much action with a little reading will blow shit up

So, the key is to find the right amount of action to fit your readings and circumstances

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