Even wives of ECs get comfy and withhold sex

November 16, 2015

HiSo the last two times I fucked my wife she was kind of not into it. Starfish. Then tonight she was too tired, havent heard that in a year.

Not sure where, how, why but its me who somehow slipped. I know exactly how to fix this and will post daily til we are back on the rails.

I havent employed ACTUAL dread in a while mostly because I actually am fucking other women. Ironic huh? in an effort to avoid getting caught I made her too comfy.

My SMV is peaking and I have career buckled tight. The only work I need to do is active withdrawal so here goes the diary for you boys to follow.

She said no at 830, I said goodnight then, at 845 I got dressed and will sit at a bar and watch sports til after 1130.

Tomorrow ill return zero texts and emails and be quick to hit gym and ill stay two hours til I puke. Then ill go out to dinner and come home at 1130 again.

Tuesday I plan on actually seeing someone else and this time ill linger rather then rush home by 930 as if I actually had a dinner.

Wednesday ill try again, expecting defenses softened by my disappearing act. If I get a hard no, ill leave for the night. Will claim I need to run errand to a buddys house sixty miles away and I wont come home

You see, my time is precious, I wont give it away for free

Married or not, times like this remind me exactly why ill never place all my sexual needs with a single woman. You know how 85 percent of women have plan b...orbiters...that is what I do because hey...equality

Edit..Moralfingerwaggers dont bother me in the slightest. Just know that you likely spent less time thinking about this then you did when you chose medium rare as the temperature of your burger.

I have thought about this extensively and I recognize exactly the pisspoor state of shamers

Edit 2 Monday morning. Woke up first as usual, when dressd said goodnye to each kid, reminded them what they needed to do today and I tonight, gave wife a terse "have a good day" when I walked out. She likely wants to know where I went last night but wont ask in front of kids. Hamster spins for a RP man, not against him

Edit 3. Lunch time monday...ive received 3 emails from wife, none require a response and are little updates about soccer practice, class trips, and health insurance. Ignoring all, if asked ill go with "busy day"

Edit 4...one of my kids doctors finally called back with non critical but useful information that we needed. I began calling last week so I shot wife an email summarizing call cause if I didn't it would look like im trying to hard to be a ghost. The air to display is unaffected, not hurt. She wrote thanks and I ignored.

Edit 5....I work out with a trainer every Monday night. The guy kicks my ass and texts me other workouts that I do religiously on Fridays and Sat. Anyways, I forgot I had him put my wife through the routine before me tonight cause her back hurt last week. I thought briefly of cancelling and then checked that BP revenge impulse by strangling it tight. Sent her to the gym knowing I did her a nice favor even though I meant to be distant for a few days. Whatever, it's my time and attention that really matter

Edit 6...nothing I planned has worked as expected. I lifted til late, wife was asleep so I nvr saw her last night. Ran out early to work and was surprised by my evening plans cancelling and an important meeting popped up after work for a different job I want. I got a have fun text from wife and I responded that my plans changed and asked (I know, didnt TELL her but I want to stay out rather then go home if this new sex moratorium is still in effect) if she was up for me bringing booze home for shower and Netflix night. Basically, just acted like last 48 hours never happened. If she agrees then its on, if she doesn't respond im taking self out for martinis and burger

Edit 7 sex happened Tuesday. Was ok and that's the end. Saying no to sex is an option for married women only if they want zero time, attention, and comfort

Edit 8 Welcome bluepill! I wanted to introduce myself properly.

I am theultmatecad not the ultmatecadfedora. I have no need for a hat as my face is too handsome to cover ANY part of it, even with a shadow.

More about me:

I think women should lose the right to vote

I have hit women during sex and most of the time they like it. I think.

My doctor has my HIV down to unrecognizable levels in most blood tests

I believe that rape isn't real unless there is police report. It just is that rare

As you noticed, I have begun to use hypnotism-like secret phrases in my posts that cause men to lose their shit and beat women like I do

In all seriousness, I'm flattered you have read this far. PM me some sexy pics. Thongs work. If like what I see then I'll send back some good stuff I took today at the gym. I'm ripped and gorgeous for real.

And wealthy. That's why I stay married and secretly fuck half the city we live in, I like my money and won't willingly give it up

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