Feedback Request: A Quick Way To A Deeper, More Objective OYS

February 15, 2017

Hello all,

Doing the Weekly OYS post has been extremely helpful for me - taking the time out each week to really dig into my performance, assess my weaknesses, and process what I've learned has definitely sped up my progress and kept me on track.

But - I have a few issues:

  • I don't feel there's any objective measurement going on, and I find tracking progress over time, as I do with weight, to be incredibly motivating;
  • I tend to forget specific instances that occurred during the week, which leaves just the bigger, more dramatic things to surface in my memory during the weekly OYS;
  • Because the MRP process is multi-faceted, I tend to forget or ignore certain pieces of my long-term self improvement, especially if I'm focusing in on a particular element; essentially, I'm losing the bigger picture.

To help make this easier, I've made a simple tool to address some of the issues above.



What is it?

It's a simple survey, meant to be taken before you post in the weekly OYS thread. The survey returns a "Relationship Momentum" score for the week, allowing you to track progress over time.

What's in the survey?

The questions are based on /u/2ndal 's OYS template, seen here.

I have updated/generalized the questions in several places in an attempt to make it slightly more universal.

The questions ask you to rate your performance over the past week on a series of common habits/actions mentioned in MRP (such as "Killing covert contracts").

The scale is 5 points, 1 being "I didn't do this at all" and 5 being "I did this perfectly." Use your gut and don't overthink it.

How do I use it?

  1. Take the survey before posting in Weekly OYS.
  2. Take a few moments to really think through each question - they are meant to also act as prompts, triggering memories and giving you a better recollection of your performance over the past week.
  3. Answer the questions as truthfully as possible.
  4. At the end of the survey, grab your "Relationship Momentum" score. You can use this in your OYS post, or simply as a personal measure of how you did.
  5. Hitting the button at the end will take you directly to MRP. Go and post your full thoughts in the weekly OYS post, using your score as a guide. Hopefully this will make the OYS post both more thorough and more meaningful to you. (This is the goal for myself)

What's the score mean?

The score is mostly made up - it's just meant as an objective gauge, allowing you to compare one week's performance to another's.

I based it on Athol Kay's concept of Relationship Momentum: that, at any moment, an action can cause a relationship to gain momentum, and become more awesome (+1!), or to lose momentum, and get shittier (-1!).

It's useful because it gives a general picture of your progress; you might crush in some areas (+5), but fall down in others (-5), actually leading to little to no change in the actual nature of the relationship (+0).

The highest possible raw score on the survey is +50; The lowest possible raw score is -50.

To find the "relationship momentum" score, I've simply been dividing by 5.

Does it cost anything? Are you doing anything with the data? etc

No, and no.

First off, no personal data (name, email, ip, whatever) is collected here. Eventually it might be cool to get an "average MRP score" for the week, or something. But otherwise, if I can figure out how to turn off collection altogether I probably will.

As to money, it's just a survey, meant to help me. It'd be rad if other people get value out of it, hence putting it up here. That's as far as that goes.


I'd love feedback on how it works, the questions that should be asked, whether or not this is a good idea at all, etc. Let me know!

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