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Found MRP? You do you - or why you don't have "frame".

December 29, 2020

All this shit that you're trying to do - sidebar, pass shit tests, learn about how you're one day going to be a former nice guy, or the fact that the babysitter is pregnant.... none of this shit matters. Unless you do you.

Running some day game and getting a number. Or, if you're at the gym, just learning how to squat and wondering why a plate seems like it's far off in the distance... none of that shit matters. Unless you do you.

And one day when you've got your shit mostly figured out, can regularly lift what it is you want to lift, and that sends shockwaves of good feelz in your life about how you feel about yourself.... none of that shit matters. Unless you do you.


Unless you work - not meaning the machine actually doing work - but the sum of all it's parts, firing in order, to a wonderful cadence conducted by YOU... can you rationally make decisions about all that other shit going on in your life. None of that shit matters except you right now. Because you're not you. You are not the man you want or will be. You're some shell of a man masquerading like a retard on the outside pretending to be a man. You don't even know who you are beyond that layer of bullshit. And you certainly don't know what you fucking like or dislike beyond it.

You do not work towards being you. This is what we call "frame". You either have it (you), or you don't. You must do you.

You don't know who you are, dude, and that means you have NO frame.

How the FUCK do you care about anything else but that?

You, in fact, have no idea how to fuck a woman. But you come here to find out how to turn her into a submissive sex-machine who will suck your cock three times a day and beg for you to cum in her pussy at night. That's what you wanted - for your wife to fuck you, and like it.

Every single man that came through MRP and figured it out learned that none of that shit mattered. He knew that eventually becoming the man internally that he knew himself capable of being - and working always towards it celebrating the wins along the way - that was a man that would be fucked by a woman like that. Because if he was internally capable, he was externally capable.

This is what the pickup world called "Inner Game". You have zero. But that's ok. That's what us guys at MRP like to trade notes about here a lot. Or at the very least make fun of other retards.

So stop worrying about how you're fucking her, when you're going to fuck her, or if you will ever fuck her again. It doesn't fucking matter. Not anymore. None of it matters. Unless you do you.

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