The Coconut Oil Spa.

This FR is for noobs like me. This was my first experiment with DEVI, with great success. Might not work for pussies and absolute beta bitches. But nut up, noobs.

Read the Coconut Oil Spa experience somewhere here or in the sidebar. Decided to give it a try as my first DEVI experiment. Basic tools: Coconut oil - in a cup. 3-4 tablespoons will do. Candles. Diffuser (with lights) purchased on Amazon. Phone with bluetooth speaker (speaker optional). Notepad/paper and pencil. 2 Bath towels. One to lay on bed, one for her to wear.

I gathered together all necessary materials in secret. Wife was reading in Living Room - nighttime. Now my wife loves massages. Historically I hate to give them so I said shit like - just go pay for one.

Not tonight. I place and light candles in bedroom. Set diffuser up - red light on. Spa music via youtube piped into speaker. Made up a fake services list for the "MeLuvYouLongTime Spa". Basis for many future jokes after the fact. Ask for name, age, checkboxes for the parts that need massages (did not list breasts or vagina - perhaps a pussy move in the end, but gotta walk before you run). Did list bottom. Asks how you want it - hard, medium, gentle.

Bedroom door is closed. I'm not quite done. I stand in front. You can't come in. Puzzled, amused look. I say just a minute. Finish checklist and re-appear. Welcome her to Spa. Walk her to bed. Hand her checklist, tell her to fill it out, undress, and that I will be back in a few minutes. Come back a few minutes later. She is all prepped. Naked under towel. She lists her age as 24 1/2. My wife is 42 1/2. She is immersed in play.

I give her a solid massage, not neglecting any part of her body. I make sure her feet and hands rub against my hard manhood while I massage them. I tell her to flip over. Again, do a solid actual massage job. I then put my hands all over thighs and breasts. We proceed to have very enjoyable sex.

Context: My wife is coming off a hard miscarriage, with hospitalization. Dr. says no PIV for 6 weeks. This is at week 5 - I am bursting at the seams. I need her to be available. This opened the door.

Next Couple Weeks: Multilple references to MeLuvYouLongTime in conversation. Experience repeated with less fanfare (no request sheet or candles). Same good result.

TL; DR: Noobs, don't underestimate your wife's desire to play. I did.