[FR] Fastest Attitude Change I've Ever Seen

October 3, 2018

I'll make this quick. I'm a good looking guy who modeled for a short period of time in my 20's. Athletic, less than 8% bodyfat and very comfortable around women. There's a group of about 8-10 people who workout together at my gym including several women who all know I'm happily married, so the IOIs are minimal other than occasional poke when I make fun of them.

We've never discuss jobs or anything personal, we just lift, joke around and leave.

Yesterday one of the guys in the group told the women that I own a business that they recognized as a popular brand in the fitness industry. Instantly their attitudes changed. For the remaining 40 minutes the IOIs increased 10x. I was watching this group of women aged 25 yrs - 40 yrs go from casual to aggressive. Hair tossing, needless giggling, personal questions, and standing in close proximity. To be clear, it was obvious that their interest was fueled solely by their discovery that I own a company they recognized.

Women are unbelievably shameless when they see something they want. I'm not even sure they can control it.

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