[FR] Game and frame

November 29, 2018

I haven't seen a lot of FR's from newer guys so I figured I write one up.

First 5 weeks of RP sucked... then everything changed. I have a long long way to go - overall plan is going to take 12-18 months. I will preface this to saying my journey to be more physically attractive started months before finding RP. I'm still a fat fuck but considering I'm 55 lbs less than when I got married and never been this skinny or strong since I've known my wife has had to have helped this process.

About two weeks ago after either a really long continual shit test or a potential 'main event' (a week of non-stop talk about me being selfish and her wanting a divorce), everything changed. I saw the light switch effect with my wife. Suddenly I wasn't repulsive to her.

If you had asked me a couple of months ago if what happened last night was even in the realm of possibility I'd have laughed at you. My frame has been solid the past few weeks - what I want, not getting upset by threats of divorce, keeping a good mood when she's mad. She made the comment that it's annoying that I don't ever seem to get affected by anyone else's moods. (Response: Yep - unless you're turned on). She claimed I'm perverted, only want sex. Owned that shit (yep - let's go right now, etc.). She'll probe your frame immensely when starting out. Don't back down. Don't apologize. Don't complain. To be fair I do find myself edging to complaints and have to catch this. It's a marathon that never ends. Not a sprint.

Get home after work. Kids are around as well as her father in law. Start gaming the wife. Light touching, spinning her around and kissing her. Then escalated to grabbing her ass and tits when no one was looking. She was so turned on it was incredible. I was able to do whatever I wanted and she didn't push back. She started to wipe up something on the kitchen floor so I started grinding her ass. We were then on the floor and I started fingering her... right in the middle of the kitchen which opens up to the living room where the kids are watching TV. Lead her to the mud room for a quick fuck and then we went back and sat with the kids (after she went to change her soaked panties).

If anyone, anyone who is new doubts that this process works - don't. Maybe it will take longer and maybe she'll never come around, but you won't care. You'll be free to do what you want. I want to have this playful fun relationship with whoever I'm with. I'll get that - either my wife will come along or won't. So far I am absolutely amazed by the progress I've seen. I went from a few times a month of starfish, never making out, resisting quick pecks or hugs to this. When she kisses me now she wants to... she hugs me and holds on for dear life.

Make your plan, stick with your plan, don't rambo (like I did), accept failure, and get better. And post in OYS... that's mandatory to hold yourself accountable for the stupid shit you do.

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