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FR: "None for me, Thanks"

April 8, 2017

The biggest piece of advice I've taken to heart is to not rambo MRP. I've been reading, planning, and acting slowly. Over time, I've seen myself respond MUCH better to shit tests, and it is completely changing the dynamic of the relationship.

A few things happened this week that were interesting. I got the standard "get me a drink" shit test. I've read enough MRP now to recognize this for what it is. I ignore the first request. She mentions it again a few minutes later and I quip, "Busy. Are your legs broken?" She huffs, and then gets up to go get her own drink. I push my luck with a smile and immediately say, "While you're up...". Pure confidence. Deep down inside the woman inside her was pleased I passed that shit test. There's been a lot of "man servant" tests lately, or maybe I'm just observing them finally.

I've stopped asking to do things with her. All my phrases are now, "I'm doing X, you're welcome to join me." It's not "Do you want to do X?" "How 'bout X?". It's flat out, "I'm doing X." Many of these things are things I know she'd enjoy. Some are for me. I don't care. Here's the trick though: you have to say this because you want to do them. She will test you and say "no" sometimes to see if you're serious. You MUST do activity X ON YOUR OWN if you suggest this. If you don't follow through you'll look weak and lose huge amounts of progress.

I'm giving out more hard "no"s about life. She's constantly testing me. I'm eating more healthy and giving up restaurants for a month. She noticed I've stopped talking about going out, and asks me about it. A week later we're out running errands, and we go to one of our regular stops. I recognize this as a test. We sit down, smile, laugh, she orders her food, I pleasantly look at the waitress with a smile and say, "none for me, thanks." Wife says, "I thought you were hungry?" I say, "I am, I'll make something when I get home." I'm not angry, I'm simply holding true to a promise I made for myself. Test passed. There's several other examples of "No" not worth going into.

Finally Saturday morning, we're up doing our morning thing, and she comes into the bedroom with, "can you rub my calf for a bit?" (She's had a nagging running injury). Again, I finally recognize this for what it is: this is as forward as a woman asks for sex. She gets a good calf massage, one thing leads to another. She's happy, I'm happy.

tl; dr: came from deadbedrooms and hard nos. had sex 3 times this week alone. Passing shit tests and recognizing minor clues leads to sex when I want.

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