FR: Outcome independence and keeping frame

July 20, 2015

This story is one I have read many times here, so please skip if this is getting to be a broken record. There will be a tl:dr at the bottom.

Relaxing Sunday and it was going great. a lot of flirting and horseplay in the pool with my wife, after being out of town for a few days.

We are later chilling in the porch and she is laying there, mostly things were going good, but she was getting negative and pissy. the highlights worth noting:

  • We were talking Netflix shows to watch, and I mentioned we should spend time watching them together for a change, like other folks. she complained that this would be too difficult to schedule, etc.
  • She started complaining that the rum drinks were making her queasy - and I made a joke that there would be no whiskey dick from me, as I took the Viagra pill 30 minutes ago. This was the 1st time i ever took one by the way. *<--NOTE: I think this was a mistake on my part, as flirtatious comments like this are a way of asking permission for sex via putting something out there to see how she responds. I will try to not do this in the future.
  • I continued flirting and kept touching her, and when I tried touching her down below, she said not to , because her bladder was full. She wouldn't go empty it, however.

So I got up, checked on the kids, and then returned and sat beside her, still presenting a good mood. After sitting there for the minute, I then built up the guts to leave. With no big show, I got up, grabbed a DVD that needed returning, and left.

Pretty quickly, my phone lit up from her, which I ignored. I returned the movie and then tried to decide what to do next. I ended up talking on the phone with a few bros, catching up and getting advice from them.

I eventually answered her call, letting her know I was on the other line, and was out taking care of things.

When I got home about an hour later, she was clearly pissed. I said goodnight to the kids and laid in bed reading more MRP. When she joined me all mad, and she told me she didnt like me just leaving like that. the conversation highlights went like this:

HER: How would you like it if I just left for an hour or two?

ME: Go ahead. If you are unhappy you should leave.

HER: Is that why you left? because you are unhappy?

ME: I am fine.

HER: You are angry. Why else would you leave?

ME: nope. I just went and did something else. You didnt want to spend time with me, you didnt want me to get physical with you. I have other things to do, so that's that. No biggie.

HER: ...your angry

ME: Nope.

HER: ...if you are not angry, then kiss me.

And thus we kissed and had a wonderful session. Now I realize I likely could of pushed through her shit tests out on the porch, and ended up with the same results, but I was not wanting to. I honestly wasnt angry, I was just tired of it, and finally realized I could just go do other things.

... and Now I see how she reacts to that. Later when we were laying together in the afterglow, she said to me "So you dont need to leave like that anymore..."

tl:dr: wife resisting advances so I left for a few hours. When I returned, the conversation turned to her saying "If you are not angry, then kiss me"

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