[FR] Shit tests are for fun

October 11, 2017

(I've seen lots of posts here and on r/askMRP from relative newbies lately; thought this would offer some encouragement)

Quick background: been RP aware about 3.5yrs, on the journey about 2yrs now. I'm still a work in progress but have been experiencing some confirmation recently that not taking your foot off the gas and sticking to the plan is mandatory. After all, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

The FR: I recently bought a weight set, rack, and bench so I could lift in my garage and typically get my workout in before the rest of my family is awake. A late night last night lead to sleeping in a bit this morning so I was lifting during the morning breakfast routine. Somewhere towards the end of my session, Mrs. the_Hun pokes her head into the garage and sarcastically asks, "Are you having fun playing out here? Is this your play-time?"

Having just finished a set and catching my breath, I simply smile and beckon her over. She walks over and continues her line of questioning..."Are you having fun, leaving me to do all the work and slave away in the kitchen with the kids?" She can't keep up the facade as a smile grows on her stern face. "Well, are you?" I grab her hips and pull her close, "Yes...yes I am. You should join me."

She looks at the bench I'm sitting on and says, "You know, we haven't [had sex] on this yet." I wasn't expecting this response at all, so my raised eyebrows prompt laughter from her. On that note, I invite her to help me "finish my workout" but she declines to go clean up the kids and eat her own breakfast. I give her a long kiss before sending her on her way.

Lessons Learned:

  • Owning my shit and recognizing and passing shit tests meant this was a fun exchange for her rather than an inquisition of whether or not I was using my time wisely.
  • Gaming my wife and treating her like a sexual being means that she now voluntarily speaks the that language.

This experience and about a dozen other reference points from the past month have served as validation points that the overall RP body of knowledge WORKS. Fixing yourself fixes your life - and often the lives of those closest to you - as long as you put in the work consistently. And once you've established that virtue, you don't stop, as resting on your laurels will ensure failure. The masculine life is a constant struggle and only dead fish go with the flow.

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