FR: Wife's trip

July 4, 2016

My father-in-law had a major medical issue recently. My wife went to visit him and her family for a couple weeks, so I was left running things by myself while she was gone. I put into practice a few things I learned here.

(About my father-in-law: his surgery went well, and although he's not completely out of the woods yet, things are looking good.)

Own your shit

Being a sober captain, I owned my shit while she was gone. Kept the kids on schedule, put familiar meals on the table (she cooks more often due to schedule, but I'm the better cook), and just generally managed things. Every time we talked on the phone or Skype, the message was pretty much the exact opposite of "I don't know how you do it, and I can't wait for you to come home." She came home to a clean house and smiling kids.

Maintain mystery

Before MRP, because I was completely 100% bought into communication (and, frankly, for the validation), I would have totally gone full disclosure and told her every little detail of what was going on. MRP, never go full disclosure.

There were plenty of things I purposely didn't mention. Some of them the kids told her about. Some of them she found out about when she got back. Some of them simply haven't come up.

For example: After a "Things were ok today. How is your Dad?" from me, the kids got on the phone and went "Mommy, Mommy, you won't believe, we did today, and "

Stuff went sideways a few times, too. Just handled it and kept moving forward.


"Did you miss me while I was gone?" (I got this several times. Comfort test?)

"Aren't you less stressed now that I'm back?" (Don't you love the smell of solipsism in the morning?)

"I'm so glad I knew you had things handled here, so I could just focus on my father's issues. Thank you, honey."

"My friends were looking at our pictures, and they think you're so young-looking and handsome."

"You know, I should dress sexier while I still have a beautiful body. I shouldn't wait until I'm old and fat." (Pretty sure this was a result of seeing her friends back in her hometown, and seeing how time has treated them versus her)

Various comments about how she missed my cock while she was gone.

And, her definitely being more affectionate and sexy, even during shark week (when things are usually pretty meh).

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