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FR: You're not the man I married

May 19, 2017

Background: MRP for 13 months.

My woman and I are headed out for dinner the other day. She starts a serious conversation.

She says: (to the best of my memory) "You know the saying that a man marries a woman hoping she won't change but she does, and a woman marries a man hoping he will change but doesn't?"

"Well I want you to know that the life I have today is better now than I can ever remember with anyone else. I'm very happy and so much of that is because of things you've done yourself without me."

"I tell my friends all the time how you've changed and worked to face the demons of your past and how you still go to the gym constantly. I want you to know that I have benefited greatly from all your effort. Thank you."

"It began when you started X and Y [weeks before joining MRP - the support systems suggested in NMMNG] and... I was really unhappy when we first got together but now it's like you're not the man I married anymore."

At dinner she expresses dread about how she was devastated when men in her past left her for other women and how she hopes I never do that. I tell her she knows exactly how to keep me interested with a lewd smile. Later she does exactly that.

Translation: I was Pussy McFaggot [thanks scurve] when she met me - not a man, but she needed a beta bucks provider, and a woman desperately wants a man to lead her.

She acted the way any woman will who feels desperate enough post wall to be sexual with a beta male: "abusive" emotionally, sometimes physically and trying to branch swing. A total bitch. AWALT.

I started improving and didn't talk about Fight Club with her. Men here told me the truth and ripped me a stainless steel asshole. I didn't run away butt hurt. I started the side bar material. I learned what true feminine nature represents. I regained the Outcome Independence I had in my early 20s. I learned to pass shit tests and eventually to not fail comfort tests. I took control of the treasury. I starting steering my ship as captain. I built frame. I earned respect that she never had for the faggot I used to be. I changed and became a man.

Note that in the Female Social Matrix she's invoking jealousy from her single friends by telling them how great her man is. AWALT. They're in competition and when a woman has the highest value man she thinks she can get, then she will express it to her friends verbally (and to the man himself while she's on her knees with a load half swallowed and the rest on her face.)

This post reads like MRP Porn, but for the new guys: I was an ordinary average douchebag who'd been a complete fucking loser for 30 years although at times on the outside I looked like anything but, and I decided to do what men do around here.

Could I trade mine in for a 15+ years younger model? Confirmed. Should I? That's the point. Who cares? If she left, I wouldn't care. Life might be easier but also less rewarding until I chose a replacement. Or didn't.

And this is the winning side of AWALT. She brings value to my life even when it's only a smile. I enjoy her company and...I've been with enough women to know that any of them can become the most beautiful girl in the world to me, when her eyes light up while I'm inside her.

The difference is that: the one I've got is now in my frame, and it didn't start that way. The one I've got now is a good fit and the grass is only greener when it's full of fertilizer shit.

Stay strong gents.

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