Fun mischief to do with the wife

January 12, 2016

This thread was inspired by an exchange of and TrainingtheBrain mentioning glow sticks and black lights (and the hilarious suggestion of swapping an incense stick with a sparkler featured here as well as some other ones in ).

The obvious ones are to tug her pony tail or braid (when she has one), smack her ass, pick her up and spin her and stuff like that. There is also a classic one from MMSL is jump on the shower with her. These don't need to be mischief if you have a more serious Frame, but that's how I usually play it because it is congruent with my personality.

Splashing cold water is also good fun on the beach when she doesn't expect it (can also work if she is having a hot shower).

I like to have fun with food and recently got some popping candy

I'm interested in your suggestions - what do you like to do or would want to try, assuming your Frame is playful / mischievous?

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