Hormones - The Chemical Puppet Master

December 18, 2016

For both men and women, hormones are the little strings pulling away at our inner puppet while we pretend to posses total free will. For men, testosterone affects our desire for sex, aggressiveness and even ability to add muscles. For women, during the cycle of a month hormones can alter skin tone, emotions and of course willingness to be sexual.

Though hormones aren't the end all be all in understanding your wife, they're an important hack to learn so you can have all available information in a given instance to enhance whatever persuasion you're after.

Start by downloading the Clue app on your phone to learn your wife's cycle. You can setup discreet reminders for upcoming "events" as well.

Also, here's a somewhat light hearted countdown of a woman's mentality as a month rolls by: http://m.imgur.com/wYynCfT?r

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