How does Red Pill respond to massage requests

December 8, 2014

I have been introducing Red Pill and my returned alpha into my marriage for a few weeks, and it has been going well (thank you!)

Here is a question I have for all of you journeymen:

My wife often asks for a massage. This is not meant as foreplay and she in the past has become bitchy if I try to have the massage lead into sex.

Red Pill attitude pushed threw that resistance last night.. and the massage turned into much more... but I know that wont always be the case (sometimes the back rub request is when watching TV with kids, or during her time of the month, etc.

How does Red Pill view such a request (demand), especially if it is made VERY often.

I am the captain of this ship. I want to be a good partner and please her, but I am not sure if I can be both captain and "on call masseuse"

-thanks for your feedback and guidance

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