How I pushed my SAHW back to work

September 22, 2015

Background/TLDR : Wife took last four years off to have and raise second child. Resisted working full-time for obvious reasons (lazy)

I pushed my SAHW back to work recently. I patiently waited til my kids were both settled in school and my new job came through. I had unplugged more than a year ago and knew I wanted her working, but I needed to know my what my hours, travel commitment, and office location would be before I pushed her.

May was GO-Time. Nailed the job I was after and kid number two was slotted in a convenient school. I let wife know she needed to go back to work.

"The kids schedule is TOO complicated, I need time to organize it"

" I am a class mother. Kid number 1 needs me around school ALOT"

"You make enough money, it's not necessary"

By now TRP is so engrained I laughed it off. It's the bluepill fallacy to argue or "discuss" this nonsense. I told her simply she wasn't really adding enough value to the family being home alone 9 to 3 every day and that by the end of the year she would not have access to my credit cards. She needed to pay for her own shit and the household expenditures too. If she didn't comply then I'd sell the house and downsize us big time. I may have even looked at a couple condos (bachelor pad) and left the websites visible.

You don't control other people, you control yourself. Say that ten times in the mirror, it's that important.

I can't make her redo a resume and go on interviews. But I sure can remind her that I will be living with a woman who works and adds value to my life and that woman may or may not be her.

Edit...Having a wife with a full time job seriously lowers the burden of potential alimony should TRP not save the marriage. Always be willing to walk away. Always.

Edit 2...mods. please sticky as trolls found my thread. Show them how we won't be censored

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