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If you put her on a pedestal then she has no choice but to look down on you

May 3, 2017

This topic has been well and truly covered before but it is a reminder of a fundamental red pill truth, and some instruction on what to do if you still have this tendency. This post is for newbies and those who are yet to fully swallow the pill. Search yourself for these behaviours, and be honest.

I would not even post this in here except for the recent field report dealing with going back to an ex. That post was upvoted so it is a sign that there are many in here who have forgotten fundamentals.

Pedestalising women is one of the most beta, repulsive, vagina drying things that a man can do. Seriously if you are more into a girl than she is into you, then just walk away, or alternately grow a fucking pair. If you are looking up to a woman then mentally, physically and metaphorically, she has no choice but to look DOWN on you. It is entirely your fault, do not blame the woman for treating you like a lap dog bitch, you put yourself into that position 100%. I will break this down into three categories:

  1. You like a girl you are not having sex with. This is the worst case scenario. You think about her before sleep and as soon as you wake up. Your balls tingle while you visualise her. You get butterflies in the stomach when you think about her. You dream of a life together. If the above Disney movie description of your fee fees is accurate, do not feel too bad, we have all been there (except Chad). However we at the red pill are here to wake you up. Seriously if this is you then I wish I was in the room with you right now so I could slap you upside the head and tell you to fucking grow a pair. Women are repulsed by this behaviour and rightfully so. Your options are either: A - sidebar, man up and initiate kino the next time you see her or B - just forget about her. You repulse her and she is busy getting railed by Chad while you are at home crying into your pillow.

  2. You are in a sexual relationship with a woman and you think she is great and you are in love. If you love her more than she loves you do not ask me how you can tell this, if you are unsure, then you definitely love her more than she loves you. You do shit like text her then worry when she doesn't text back, you accept her bullshit excuses as to why she is late or cancels a date (do you think she is slow to text Chris Hemsworth or she cancels dates with him?), you miss her a lot when you have not seen her for a while. You have two choices here, A - walk away or B - flip that shit. The second option will not be easy, I give you at best a 25% chance, after all she already knows you are pissweak. So if you are foolish enough to try option B then head to the sidebar and read it again because if you are in this position, you have not swallowed the pill. Cancel the next date you have with her, go to the gym, go out with your boys, visit your family, fuck another girl who likes you more than you like her. Just know that you need to be ready to lose her. She already thinks that you are a weak little bitch, so changing her mind is going to be hard work.

  3. You are either married, in an LTR of several years or more, and maybe have kids. Now as pathetic as category 1 is, your situation is almost as bad. Either you started alpha and went beta, or you were always beta. The signs and symptoms in this case: you are scared to lose her (not scared of losing your kids and money - that is a different and reasonable fear), you buy her expensive gifts and she does not reciprocate, her SMV is higher than yours, she speaks to you or treats you disrespectfully. If this is the case you need to do one of two things, A - GTFO of the relationship (especially if there are no kids, seriously just run, you cannot fix that shit and even if you make it better it is not worth it). or B - Read Rollo's "The Reconstruction" ten times, then start the long, difficult, painful but ultimately rewarding path laid out on the MRP sidebar.

This stuff is so basic it should not need to be written down. Search your feelings, are you more into her than she is into you? If yes or you are unsure then you are pedestalising her, fucking stop it. If you put her up there, then no wonder she is pissing on you from a great height.

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