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Interesting. A mashup of what we talk about here, and some food.

February 15, 2019

Here, videos showing our stuff

Imagine poaching some eggs and talking to a buddy about his cheating whore wife who feels really bad

Made me think Over the years, a bunch of guys in here have come after catching or suspecting the wife of banging another dude. Of course, most guys are too embarassed to admit it to themselves, but they actively try to blame themselves for her actions, or remove her agency.

Back from years ago and users like /u/anythinginc had this wonderful contribution in MRP. How you can tell if your wife actually is sorry she screwed up, or just sorry that she got caught.

I understand the guy who made them used to be a regular here.

My favourite part is the comments section. A lot of guys saying cheating is an automatic no, hard next. I don't disagree, but for the co dependant guy who doesn't have the fortitude to do that, it's a roundabout way to make him ask the questions he needs to ask of himself, so he realizes that she's not sorry, only manipulative.

I see a lot of guys in OYS weekly posts who are in a lesser form of this path. I guess many guys need the scenic route to get to the same place often times.

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