Keeping wife on toes with Black Arts

August 31, 2015

/u/TrainingTheBrain wrote an exceptional post earlier today. He made an excellent case for extinguishing complacency in your marriage provided 10 examples on how one can attempt to keep her vagina tingling. We all know the text book stories of bored wives who "should" be happy but are not.

While I agree with 100 percent of the post, I am motivated to nudge the conversation in a SLIGHTLY different direction. I don't think there was enough "push" in his post.

First, let's talk about WHY frame, OI and your rapidly rising SMV "work". The short and sweet answer is that it signals dominance. Women want and need leadership so they are attracted to the man they think is above them. Women will spend hours worrying if "Chad" is pleased. They won't think twice about Fat Mamas boy Billybeta because he is beneath her. Invisible really.

Sometimes..and I mean occasionally, it's ok to let a sharp insult or action loose. Show her the dog has teeth. The post I referred to has super examples of Pull. As I reread it I thought a bit of a man working his ass off to "deserve" the girl. Almost as if one should try their fucking best to be the best man possible to establish that dominance we know she wants.

That's true. But....we don't want her to KNOW we work hard to be awesome. She should just think we are better because we ARE better.

Here is where some "evil" pushing can help.

Ask her to run out and pick up lunch while you watch kids and do some yard work. Then when she returns tell her she fucked up the order and she needs to go back and get it right this time.

Fuck dread game. Come out and tell her some 23 year old asked you to buy her lunch. Tell her it's tempting because that's the peak age for a woman's sexuality.

Make a date, babysitters, the whole nine yards. Then "forget".

You get the point. Push a bit....then pull her in with fatherly love. Tell her how cute she looks when she gets mad and that you love the family you started.

Be a dick sometimes. Women absolutely do this to men on fucking purpose because it works.

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