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Little Queasy boys?

May 3, 2019
This turds for you

Another one of our longer members had his 2 year moment. It's weird, almost like it's innate. 2 years is the amount of time someone can LARP at attractive choreplay before they get frustrated and get down to real work.

I can't explain it, I've seen it enough to call it a trend.

And a bunch of you guys who lurk, but don't post (yes, I know there's a bunch of you) get a little uneasy when a guy decides to put his dick in his hands and finally shove it into something after a long period of disinterest from the wife.

What exactly do you think all these Pathos infected buzzwords mean?

  • Be your best self
  • Persue Excellence
  • Unfuck yourself
  • Be your own mental point of origin

At some point did you understand what any of these meant? Did you not think at some point you were going to have to have some resolve and do things that may make you the bad guy in someone elses life story? What exactly do you think we do here? Did you think this was a magic roadmap to make lifes problems part like the red sea and drop pussy from the heavens?

Nut up

It's nice, and it's a common outcome for people to step up when you lead yourself (and allow them to follow) but it's not a guarantee. The goal wasn't to fix everyone else anyways, it's to fix your unattractive behaviour, and make your own self attractive enough that you have options.

And sometimes, people are so invested in their bullshit that they can't see you already have one foot out the door until it's too late. Thats on them. All you can do is position yourself to get what you want out of life.

You're the only one that wipes your ass every day, maybe you should start treating that guy with a little more than frustrated choreplay.


If you don't have the resolve to be a man and live life as you see fit, don't waste your time here, exredpill, purplepilldebate, marriage, deadbedrooms, relationships, askmen, 2xxHarpies, fortniteaddiction, nofap, MGTOW, Incels, and a host of other testicular-cancer groups are more than happy to take you in so you can complain that you did everything you were supposed to, and the world should be paying dividends.

That is all. Feel free to bitch about having to be your own mental pont of origin in the comments below, I'm sure a bunch of us can take turns laughing.

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