Lost frame and called wife a cunt

April 24, 2015

Rough couple weeks. Deal or two went south and tonight was stressful at home. Wife started " you should have x and didnt do y"

I stood up and called her a cunt and left. Would have been soooooo much better to just remind her she cant talk to me that way and left.

Getting a barrage of calls and texts now. Not answering any.

Thing is...she smells blood and knows she got to me. Its a setback.

Holding frame is very important

EDIT..went home and when confronted just stood ground that I wont be second guessed and treated this way. Eventually said I shouldn't have used the cunt word even though it fit the behaviour perfectly. Made clear I wont tolerate it again.

The problem with losing temper is it gives women something to work with qnd allows them to play victim. Id have been in far better shape walking away silently.

The upside here is that I must have been threatened five times with divorce, separation, leaving for the weekend etc. Each time I agreed this is fine, do what you gotta do. Each time she softened. She cant control me and needs the remainder Its almost like this is a quarterly reminder I need to dish out to keep respect

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