"Manning 101" and the MRP End Game

September 19, 2019

Any grown-up human who fails to "adult" is a worthless drag on society, and on anyone unfortunate enough to be attached to them.

Similarly, any adult male who fails to "man" is just a sterile, androgynous, inferior sort of dude/woman-with-a-penis who adds little value to any woman.

Edit: What follows lists representative behaviors and traits expected of all men; it is not intended as a complete checklist. These "masculine" traits are mostly not "Alpha" (sexually attractive) traits per se, but their absence when called for is a highly unattractive display of low value (DLV), quickly resulting in lack of respect, contempt, and loss of sexual interest. First, don't be unattractive!

Because occasions calling for Manning behavior inevitably arise in ordinary life, Manning 101 is particularly critical in LTR's to avoid the ongoing erosion of respect and attraction that eventually brings men here.

Manning 101 mininum requirements


  • strength: bench press at least body weight; perform at least 8 pull-ups/chin-ups; able to pick up and carry your wife across a stream, or to your bed. (Possess "male superpower" of strength greater than that of almost all women)

  • run a mile

  • belly circumference less than that of both hips and chest

  • Edit: throw and block a punch and kick

Mental: assertiveness and frame to

  • give your honest opinion; state and defend your position

  • negotiate a better price when selling or buying a car/house/lease/...

  • send back an undercooked steak or the wrong order; interrupt a salesman to say "no", and cut him off if he persists

  • cut off and protect your wife/child/friend from someone who starts harassing her

  • express and enforce your boundaries

  • tell your wife "no"

  • acknowledge and sit with your wife's feelings, without being uncomfortable or controlled by them

  • remain in your frame when someone criticizes you

  • control your emotions, and controlled expression of emotion (Amused Mastery; showing controlled anger)

  • look your wife in the eye and say "Let's have sex now."


  • groom and dress yourself appropriately and well

  • organize and host an event or party

  • make small talk; introduce yourself and work a room

  • build and maintain a circle of male friends


  • change a tire

  • mow a lawn; trim a tree; dig a hole

  • rough-house with and discipline a child

  • stereotypical male skills expected from men of your culture and class: throw a football/bowl a wicket/kick a goal/shoot a gun/build a campfire/mix a drink/sing a song/...

  • hold a steady job/run a business and make a decent living

  • Edit: know your way around a woman's body and give her an orgasm

A male exposed as lacking in any of the "Manning 101" capabilities risks dismissal and contempt, and utter loss of attractiveness to women.

Why all?

Just as a castle wall must provide protection from all directions to be useful, a man must maintain all Manning 101 requirements to protect and provide for his wife and family in all circumstances. An obese weakling with great career and social skills can't shove off a man harassing his wife; an inarticulate hulking brute with no other skills will leave her stranded with a flat tire alongside the highway in a blizzard, or embarrassed to be seen with him, or be physically overwhelmed by a group of men turned against him by someone with social skills.

A "Man 101" has the physical power, mental/emotional assertiveness and control, and social and life skills that make him a force to be reckoned with. Man 101 can find a physical, social, or assertive path by which to command attention --- from an employer, vendor, or customer --- or a woman he finds attractive. He can demand consideration and will receive at least a polite rejection, not just the dismissal or open contempt too often given to the guy who fails to Man.

Man 101 doesn't always win, but at least he's in the game. Guys who aren't Manning 101 aren't even playing.

Practical implications for the early phases

For newbies:

Until you're performing passably on all aspects of Manning 101, you're not yet in the game. Focus your energy on Manning 101 (avoiding being unattractive), and don't even fantasize about trying any Active Dread, or of cutting off all beta value-adds to your wife.

You're not yet worth keeping! Your wife would rather divorce you than accommodate any (more) inconvenience or bullshit from you, or give up much of the beta value that's your only worthwhile contribution at this time.

This is why we see so many Rambo n00b posts along the lines of

"Help! I flirted with a waitress in front of my wife to 'dread' her; now my wife thinks I'm cheating and wants a divorce."

"Help! I quit helping with the kids and chores to go out and do Alpha things; now my wife is threatening divorce."

"Help! I completely quit talking with my wife because STFU; my wife says she feels no 'emotional connection' and refuses to fuck me."

"Help! I started acting like a dominant alfalfa asshole by pulling her hair out and then cumming on it at least twice a day. She still refuses to give me anal BJ's, and last night she mentioned the D word."

Please, faggots; NO. Don't Rambo. There are no shortcuts or fast tracks until you're a man worth special consideration.

For the weary MRP apprentice:

Lifting really isn't my thing. Can I leave that part out and do all the rest? Who needs it in this day and age?

NO. Manning 101 is a package deal; you need a passing grade on all elements to get your Man 101 card.

I don't quite get this 'frame' thing, and my wife's emotions make me really uncomfortable. Can I just get really buff, own all of my shit, and act Alpha by always choosing the restaurant without ever risking pissing her off?

NO. Package deal. Dance, monkey. Dance!

The MRP end game

"Congratulations on earning your Manning 101 card! Welcome to the club. You're free to try any door now, although I can't promise that the occupants will let you in without a fight. But I'm sure that many will welcome you."

"What are you looking for? Perhaps I can guide you..."

For the journeyman transitioning to master:

Lifting bores me. Can I stop now?

NO. Maintaining Manning 101 standards is necessary to stay in the game. Most of us have sedentary occupations, and can maintain our "male superpower" strength differential only through regular weight work. You're in this for life ... or at least as long as you want good sex.

This holds for all of the Manning 101 elements. You have to do whatever work it takes you, forever, to keep them up to at least the minimum standards.

I'm not yet fully satisfied with my sex life. To progress, must I increase my time at the gym, take steroids, and follow the broad, muscular path of u/red-sfpplus and u/bogeyd6?

NO. (Or not necessarily.)

Here's the deal...

You now command respect, and can demand consideration wherever you go. (Edit: Manning 101 doesn't necessarily make you attractive, but it does make you not unattractive.) You have many options, and you get to choose where to grow from here! But ... There's only 24 hours in a day, and there are so many facets of attractiveness that there's simply not time to excel equally in all of them. You get to choose, but you also must choose.

What kind of man do you want to be? What comes naturally or more easily for you? In which facets do you want to excel?

  • You can choose to focus on your lifting and attract women who lust for massively muscular physiques.

  • You can switch to a minimal maintenance or slow gains program, and spend your extra time making music, building your band's following, and fucking groupies. Or not fucking groupies, if you just love making music and prefer to remain faithful to your wife.

  • You can practice game and become a master PUA, and sleep with a different woman every night.

  • You can concentrate on SGM and having crazy hot sex with your wife.

Look ...

  • You can also decide that you're content enough with regular, mediocre sex with a mildly attracted wife, and instead focus your main effort on your missions, if this is your true passion.

  • Hell, you can even decide that your true talent lies in making money, and you can max out the beta bucks, marry a gold-digging HB10 supermodel, and keep your bedroom alive by maintaining the basic Alpha attraction and Dread.

So long as you keep Manning 101, you've always got basic passive Dread and the ability to create options. Make your fucking choice, and DNGAF what others here would choose for themselves. This is your journey, and the toolbox yours to apply as you see fit.

For the MRP master:

Carry on doing you!

Don't get arrogant or lazy. Don't neglect the basics.

May your Frame always be with you.

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