Meta survey on cuckoldry points out it is rare in humans (few %)

April 6, 2016

I thought the readers here might be interested. The study refers to cuckoldry as Extra Pair Paternity (EPP).


I became aware of it through the Rational Male comments section, poster Culum Struan posted a link to the Ars Technica article:


Following shortly, poster Scribblerg linked to the journal article:


I collected a few links to abstracts of some of the references in the new survey, of the studies it refers which are not historical, so affected by modern culture and modern birth control:


2006 study shows large difference of EPP between fathers with high confidence of paternity (around 2%) and fathers with low confidence (around 30%)


2012 estimate of Germany EPP, under 1%, statistics 971 fathers (states similar rate in Switzerland)


2008 meta survey of decline of EPP with birth control, suggests a small decline of EPP with birth control, supports that EPP is and was below 10%

EDIT: Another reference of the meta survey is on the Dogon population, which does not use contraceptives. Still low %, lowest for those with the indigenous religion (and then Islam), higher for Christian religions


The paper is titled


Religion as a means to assure paternity

“We show that paternity certainty was higher in the indigenous religion than in Christianity, which we attribute to the abandonment of menstrual taboos by the Christians.”

(the indigenous religion is at 1.3% vs 2.9% for Christians).

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