MRP hazard: When IDGAF becomes too real

November 14, 2016

Sometimes the Red Pill still leads to the end of your marriage, and not because you can't fix it.

There is a real danger after your transformation where you honestly are no longer interested. You now can have sex whenever you want, and she is the one making moves on you because... your passion and desire for not there.

I have witnessed posters here share their surprise at this unforeseen result, and others who either stop trying because they don't care, or stop giving a fuck and take on plates and other high risk behavior. Often this leads to the same result - divorce.

So be aware this might be on your path. I have recently found myself on this trail, and I welcome feedback on how to captain out of these waters.

Many factors that I see that lead MRP'ers such as myself to this place of disillusionment:

  • After the pill dissolves and you see women for how they really are, there is a loss of attraction as the mystery disappears. Too much time in the manosphere might turn you even more bitter, encouraging an even more pessimistic view of females. This hurts your natural attraction to them.
  • as you let go of the beta blue perspective, and realize there is no true love, and that AWALT - your blue heart breaks and your bond with your woman weakens.
  • as you silence your emotional outbursts, and stop sharing your innermost fears and failings to instead be the strong silent oak the family needs, your connection to her becomes weaker. Any emotional codependency also dissipates.
  • After doing the work (lifting, reading, working on social skills, flirting, gaining confidence, getting shit done and becoming alpha) you see your SMV skyrocket, and as you look down at hers, there is a loss of attraction.
  • After year+ effort into your transformation and taking responsibility for the problems between the two of you, It becomes more and more difficult to not see the remaining issues to be problems with her, or to grow increasingly frustrated with where she still resists the corrections you are implementing. This builds resentment and clarifies her flaws that you cannot change. Your attraction and interest in making this work takes another hit.
  • with your higher SMV you find yourself with ample opportunity to have something with other women. These other women suggest an easier answer for short time fulfillment. They also reveal that you could have a fresh start with someone better. And if you end up plating one of these, then returning to the less fulfilling sex with your wife is not appealing.

Those are a few thoughts on the routes that get you to I DONT GIVE A FUCK ANYMORE- WHY AGAIN MAKE THIS WORK?

I personally have had great success with MRP.

Finding myself here at IDGAF Avenue could be as simple as finding the strength and discipline to do another workout set after a year plus at the iron temple. Maybe it is just a momentary case of being burned out.

Or it could be a more complex philosophical quandary of how to find and maintain love, passion and purpose in marriage when you refuse to wear rose colored (blue?) glasses.


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