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Newbies: No, your wife doesn't "comfort test" you.

October 22, 2015

I've seen this quite a bit recently on here and askMRP. A guy thinks his wife "never shit tests" him, wonders if she's special or some kind of unicorn. Or asks how to handle this "comfort test".

Trust me, if you've been a beta bitch for the past 5 years, been reading TRP/MRP for a month or two, started lifting 2 weeks ago, and just finally got laid for the first time in weeks, your wife has no need for your "comfort". Comfort tests are the result of dread overload.

You're just misinterpreting shit tests as comfort tests. Does she seem anxious, fearful or clingy when she's testing you? Those are usually comfort tests. But if she's needy, whiny, complaintive, snarky, or demanding, even if it's not directly aimed at you, then it's probably a shit test.

To illustrate, here is one of my wife's favorite shit tests:

She texts me just before I get out of work asking me to grab something from the store on my way home that she forgot, tells me what it is, but when I get to the store I find there are 2 or 3 different kinds of that thing. Then when I text her I don't get an answer. I used to sit and wait, standing in the isle looking like an idiot. I would even call several times with no answer. Then I would just pick one of them, and when I got home, she would get really upset, but not by getting angry at me, but she would act like dinner was ruined get all sad and mopey. On the surface it looks like a comfort test because I used to always try to comfort her and reassure her that dinner will be fine or that we can just order a pizza. But the shit test happened when I agreed to go to the store after a long day at work instead of telling her "tough shit, I'm ordering a pizza."

She hasn't done this in a while, mostly because it stopped "working". It's a basic manipulation where you set someone up to disappoint you so you can make them feel guilty and work harder to show "love".

Another example is that she used to poke her head in to my home-office while I was in the middle of something, and with a sweat, almost coy voice say "honey, you want to tuck me in and lay down with me for a minute?" It's one of those "ugh..." moments where you feel obligated and bothered that she would impose on you like that, but you feel guilty saying no because she's being so sweet and just wants you to cuddle with her to make her feel "loved". It's a shit test. She's testing to see if you'll drop whatever you're doing at her command. The sweat, coy voice is a cover and a manipulation.

Now I just respond in an overly-sarcastic, playful tone "nah, I'm good thanks, I decided I don't like cuddling with you anymore" and blow her a raspberry. She immediately brightens up with a grin she can barely hide and crosses her arms trying to pretend to be offended with an exaggerated and playful "humf! Why are you so mean to me? You know, you're supposed to be nice to me, that's what husbands are for!" To which I retort, "well, you know what wives are for?" in a wink-wink kind of way. Then she'll put on a cutesy, innocently seductive look, or she'll come over to grab my crotch or something.

You see the difference? Before I would comply, stop what I was doing, tuck her in like a fucking child, and cuddle with her for a few minutes before trying to sheepishly "make a move" only to get turned down with "I'm sorry babe, I'm just not in the mood, I just want to cuddle". Now I turn those shit tests in to dirty, slobbery, downright whorish blow jobs.

Comfort tests happen when you're so alpha that she's starting to get paranoid that you're cheating on her or thinking about leaving her for another woman. You'll know you're being comfort tested because she'll be blowing you and fucking you with great enthusiasm for a while only to collapse in frustration and anxiety, confessing that she feels like it's "never enough for you" or that she feels "inadequate". Those are comfort tests.

If that's not what's going on, you're probably just being manipulated in to failing shit tests that she's cleverly disguised as comfort tests. You should take some time to really think through some of the "comfort" tests you think she's giving you and ask "what does she get out of it?"

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