One-itis: not just for women you want to have sex with

June 27, 2016

This is a public service announcement: you can have One-itis for your kids, parents, siblings, heck even for money, or for your career or job.


One-itis can be just as debilitating in these generalized cases as if for the classical cases of having it for your wife (or girlfriend or plate or a girl that rejected you).


As a specific case of this, I suspect that some very Red Pill men here in MRP that, despite having improved themselves significantly are still unhappily stuck with their wives (whether faithfully or cheating)... Because they fail to see how they have One-itis for their kids or financial assets. At the very least, this undermines your Abundance Mentality and Outcome Independence with respect to your wife, and most likely also with your kids when they are more grown up.

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