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Own your shit isn't her autobiography

October 24, 2021

Whinemoreplease posted something to Twitter and I had to see it for myself.

Oh sweet Jesus... What the fuck


I gave my wife papers last week. It was not well received. The last few days were an emotional tumult. The upshot is that she is refusing to sign anything but she'll reconsider if we try counseling. That seems cheaper and easier than a lawyer battle so I'm getting a counselor to do a few sessions. I think she realized that her life goals aren't achievable without my support (or another beta bux), so her best option is to try to keep me around. There is very little incentive for her to sign, and she has everything to lose by signing. It's going to come down to me making it clear that the life/lifestyle she had isn't coming back.

I read this whole field report, and I learned nothing, nothing about this man, other than the same regurgitated lift numbers. I know his wife is:

  • a horse girl
  • getting divorced
  • emotionally distraught
  • Shes semi pro
  • she has a vision to be a world champion or something
  • shes protestant
  • his job isn't good enough to pay for all this; and in his words
  • I don't ride, personally, just do about an hour or two of stall cleaning to help her out. I'm not saying lifting isn't important, I'm saying a man is more than his lifts.

Own your shit. The guy isn't even a factor in his field report. Why did /u/red_koan even come here, why not send his wife to write this shit out? We haven't had a VampireSquidina-like account come in and start Karen-ing shit up in a while. The only thing I know about him is he's her stable boy and sugar daddy.

And it's not just one guy:

> Wife late thirties, together > 10 years, 2 kids one preschooler and one toddler

36, ... wife 30 105lbs

Why the fuck do I care about your wife, or anyones wife in here?

I get it's not everyone, but it's still a lot of people. It's fucking weird how fast the Hunter Drew School of Do it For Her has seeped into here. Meanwhile the field reports are a ton of future tense bullshit:

I need to do X and I need to do Y

Asshole. To own is present tense, not a future tense. dafuk did you do, what are you trying to do, and how well did action and intent match? All the work is in pinging ideas off of other guys to close that gap. It's not about treating your wife like a swiss watch, a puzzle to be figured out. It sure as shit isn't about writing her auto biography. /r/stupidslutsclub tells much better stories anyways.

It's not about making this the He Man Woman Haters Club either: In those field reports are covert contracts, nice guy behaiour, and basic bitch mistakes. Lifting numbers don't hide that. When I see shit like OWS #43 followed up with a Chapter one Robert Glover style fuckup it shows me someone has wasted an entire year, a fucking year, on playing with his dick and calling it alpha. Guys, you are getting closer to death every day, life is too short to accomplish nothing.

To those who this doesn't apply to, you don't have to post below about how this doesn't apply to you. Let it lie. For the rest of you guys, stop posting the cooking cutter MRP template hoping that you'll come out the other end like some kind of god among men... Married and Red Pilled isn't about a checklist to meet the ideal, it's about you solving problems surrounding sex, relationships, and eventually, a vision for your future.

Get it through your thick skull. Nothing in here is about her, no one cares what she does or what she thinks or how she feels. This isn't a place to stave off divorce rape. This is about fixing you, full stop.

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